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Friday, December 8, 2017

Alabama blizzard and update to his health

Cullman,   AL

This morning we had a follow up appointment for Leonard.  After last weeks diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia, he went for more blood work yesterday and returned to our doctor this morning for results.   The good news......  his numbers have improved.  He is still very anemic but he is producing more blood. 

This past week he has still been napping frequently then can't sleep at night.  When he does sleep I can't.  I listen to  his rapid breathing.  He takes 3 shallow breaths to my one.  Doctor explained this is to be expected.  I have to move to another bed in order to sleep.

He continues on iron pills with the expected side results. I choose not to check it out.  If you get my drift.

We noticed on the way to doctor that some vehicles exiting the Interstate from the south were covered with snow.  We knew that family and friends in Texas and Louisiana had snow covered lawns.

When we came out of the medical center it was snowing.    After stopping at the local Piggly Wiggly and then Walmart we came home.   Our local Piggly Wiggly is going out of business.  Everything was 50% discounted.   We got almost $100.00 of groceries for $49 and change.  Would  have bought more but the shelves were almost bare.  Wondering if all Piggly Wiggly's are shutting down or just this one?

Now.... check out this snow blizzard around our house.

This roof is usually red, not white:

Going down from the porch.

Back yard

Side yard looking east into the woods.

Side yard looking west.

Front yard.

I want don't any of you to worry.  We have plenty of bread, eggs and milk.  We will get through this.

Until next time.


  1. Glad Len is feeling better! The folks here in the park were going nuts in the snow last night, many of them never seeing it or only 30 years sgo! David and I were like meh...not excited!

  2. Being from Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana, we do get excited when it's just a snow flurry! Glad Len is feeling better. We shopped Piggly Wiggly when I was a kid, and I have not been around that store since then.

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  4. Paul was very anemic this past summer. He ended up in the hospital for five days. It took him about four months to get his numbers where the doctor was happy. Please take care Len. Get a lot of rest and don’t overdo it. Glad to read your numbers are gradually going up

  5. Remember that cheap, 50 cents a bottle of Morgan David wine from the 60s? That wine was prescribed to Hubby’s aunt when she was undergoing chemo treatments and she was anemic. It worked...perked her right up. I don’t even know if you can still buy the stuff nowadays. We got about 4.5” of the white stuff this morning and it’s still hanging around. The forecast is for 25* overnight so the kids will be able to play in it again tomorrow. I’d rather deal with the heat any day.

  6. Happy to hear Len is doing better and his numbers are improving.

    We haven't had any snow but it sure got cold around here. Out here where I live it was 29 last night and the high for today was about 68 shouldn't be as cold tonight and a little warmer tomorrow.

  7. Glad to hear that Len is improving. Wow, big blizzard there! Just so you don't miss the snow from NJ. A little teaser :)

  8. So glad to hear Len's numbers are on the rise!! Yay!!
    Take care of yourself and go slow!!
    Yes, that blizzard was something wasn't it?? Auburn got a little less than you all. We made it through too!!