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WHEE...... Home in Alabama!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Was hot enough to melt the chocolate in Hershey.

Hershey, PA

We arrived at Hershey Preserve a

park on Thursday, June 11.   Yesterday was brutal - 94.  Our living air just could not keep up, but the bedroom unit did beautifully.

When we bought our Cedar Creek in August 2013 we were given a years membership to Thousand Trails.  As many know, members have to select a zone.  We opted for the northwest, however never made it there all year.  When that year expired they offered a years membership for $288.00.  Not a bad deal. This time we selected the northeast zone.

This is our first chance to use our membership. We are here for 10 days.   We will use it again in July in NJ for 14 days and in late July, early August in Lancaster, Pa for another 14 days.  Then hopefully last week of August and first week of September back in NJ. Our membership gives us 30 days free then $3.00 a night.  It's quite a bargain.  Will be continue our membership?  Depends on deal they offer and our plans for next year.

Last night we met up with daughter Amy, son-in-law Scott and Abby and Charlotte.  Wednesday was Abby's 6th birthday.  They wanted to go to a Japanese Steak house over in York.  The girls were impressed:

Abby loves to draw and paint.   We gave her a rather large artist kit.  Sister Charlotte also loved it and asked for one for the birthday next month.  That makes it easy!

Abby showing off her gift.   Silly face.....

The weather has really cooled after T Storms during the night.  We are waiting for our friends and fellow bloggers Donna and Sam from St. Louis area to arrive.  Will be glad to see them again.


  1. Glad Abby had a good birthday. Painting set is a good idea!

  2. What fun! We're still hoping to catch up with you guys this summer.

  3. You got a great deal. One stop and it paid for itself

  4. Looks like fun! We went trough Hershey a few days ago, but did not have time to stop and look around:(