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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Two more Disney Days

Haines City, Fl

Sunday, June 28:

This was our day for Epcot

Met many friends such as

Pluto, Minnie and everyones favorite:

We saw shows, took some educational rides and played some fun games.

It the evening it was Disney Downtown

Monday, June 29:

Back to Magic Kingdom.   For once we appreciated the rain as it brought to temps down to a livable 88.  It rained on and off the entire time we were there.  Lots of place to get out of heavy downpours and the light drizzle felt good.

That evening back at Fort Wilderness Campground was a fun night.  Hoop Dee Do Revue.  Lots of signing, performing and laughs.   Plus a great meal of salad, fried chicken, ribs, cornbread, corn, mac and cheese, Texas beans, mashed potatoes and strawberry shortcake.

I am very impressed with the Disney operation.  When we ate at Be Our Guest earlier in the week we told them of Charlotte's many allergies.  They sent the chef out to make suggestions and almost immediately Charlotte had a dairy, gluten, egg free lunch.  I was concerned about what she could eat at this venue.  I needed had worried.  A chef came to our table (without our asking) and said it had been noted that we had a child with us with allergies.  He told us what on the table she could eat -  only the ribs and beans.  The salad had cheese in it and the corn was buttered.   In no time at all she had 3 pieces of baked chicken, her own salad and corn minus the butter.  For dessert she had dairy free chocolate pudding and two chocolate chip cookies (wheat, egg and dairy free).

June 30:

Time to leave the Disney complex.  We traveled 23 miles to Haines City.  We expected our A/C to be fixed that day.  Some how we misunderstood when they told us the work was scheduled for TUESDAY.  We thought this Tuesday.  Nope NEXT Tuesday.  We told them we were leaving the area next Tuesday, so they scheduled us for Monday.  I am thinking Len should have said he were leaving THIS WEDNESDAY.

It was unbearable in here yesterday.  So today instead of our planned day at Legoland we went to Camping World and got an awning screen then to Loews and bought one of those portable a/c units.  Now this was a challenge.  These things are not suitable for RV Windows.   In was larger than we thought it would be.  So we have to place in by the TV but now we can't open the sofa bed.  So, one girl will have a sleep on the closed sofa and two on the floor.  We have the hose out the window and towels placed to keep hot air the bugs out.   This is a $300. expense we really won't need to a few days but its helping some now.  But not a whole lot.


  1. Everything was sounding so good until the a/c came up. On another blog I read they bought that same unit and said it really helped them out but then they aren't in a humid climate maybe that's the problem. When your ready to roll take it back and explain it just didn't do the trick Loew's is pretty good about returns

  2. More fun with the family.

    Sorry the heat is so bad. We have so much humidity here in Ohio. It is stifling.