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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Thousand Trails ......Is it worth the cost?

Sea Pines TT Park
Cape May Court House, NJ

When we bought our 2015 Cedar Creek in August 2014 the dealer gave us a one year membership to Thousand Trails.  TT trails has different zones of which to choose.  We had planned on driving through California, Oregon and Washington on our way to Alaska last summer, so we selected the Northwest Zone.    However, our grandson graduated HS in Houston early June and we wanted to be there, leaving us less time for our drive to Alaska.   Scrap the Northwest trip.  We never used the free membership.  Didn't cost us anything, so no big deal.

Then TT offered us one year for $288.00 and we signed up.  We choose the northeast zone (NJ, PA, NY, MA, ME).  Under hte membership we had 30 free nights of camping then $3.00 a night for the rest.  But only that one zone. We could be in a park for 14 days, then had to leave for 7 before back for another 14, etc. etc.

So for 10 days before we left for Florida we stayed at the Hershey Preserve, only 7 miles from my daughters house.   While there we were approached (of course!!) to continue the membership and also upgrade.   Len wanted to buy in with an upgrade.  But a cooler head prevailed (mine).

We did sign up for 4 years at $425.00 a year but with two zones instead of one.  We choose Northeast again and Southeast (VA, NC, NC, FL, TN, AL, TX).    We are permitted to change zones one time.  Probably will in a few years when we finally tour the northwest.

So here we are at

We are close to Cape May and Avalon, NJ.  And only 40 miles from our doctors and financial planner.  This is good as Len has an appointment on Friday with his orthopedist for a possible knee replacement.  We also will meet on Friday with the Planner to review investments, etc.

This is a thickly wooden campground.  We have friends who summer here and wanted us to park near them.  The wife, Kathy, works here 4 days a week.  When we arrived, Gene met us at the gate and directed us to a site near theirs.   Try as Len might, there was no way we could get into that site due to trees and stumps.  Attempted another site in their area and that was worse.

My sister also has a membership and was arriving later that night.   After looking around we found a great site and she was able to park right behind us.

At this time we are scheduled for two weeks at a TT near Lancaster, PA and back here for two weeks surrounding Labor Day.  Our membership allows us to register no sooner than 60 days prior to arrival.  Most of the campgrounds in this zone close late October.  But we will get at least 3 more weeks in during October.

Next year we will take advantage of campgrounds in Texas, Alabama, Florida, North and South Carolina and more time back in the northeast.   We will surely easily recoup our costs.   Yea, this limited membership is worth it.


  1. for full timers like you sounds like a very good deal. saw a black dualy yesterday pulling a cedar creek...told sam looks just like phyllis and len he told me no...thats a ford

  2. Sounds like you got a very good deal. Good luck with TT.

  3. TT"s limits to just one region is why we never considered it - it could be a waste of money or you feel compelled to stay in the region. We did not want to loose the freedom of wanting to go wherever we want. Freedom - that's what it's all about!

  4. Hope you enjoy this membership it is in all the places you usually visit.