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WHEE...... Home in Alabama!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Last of Disney then Legoland

Monroeville, NJ
Four Seasons Campground

Finally back in the northeast.    But first.....

June 30...... We had moved to Central Park Campground in Haines City, FL.   Our site:

A Passport America affiliate.  The whole week for $115.50 with great pool and good laundry facilities.   Pool time.   Thunderstorms at night

July 1:    Camping World for an awning screen and Loews for a portable room air conditioner.   More pool time.  Thunderstorms at night.

July 2:   Down day.   Thunderstorms at night

July 3:   Disney Hollywood.   Charlotte joining the parade.

And meeting Mr. Potato Head

Thunderstorms at night.

July 4:    Hung around the campground.  Pool and thunderstorms at night.  Saw some fireworks in the distance

July 5:     Legoland during the day..

And both granddaughters joining in the dancing

That night we visited with dear friends Chris and Ginny Crowfoot who have a home nearby.  Thunderstorms while we were there.

July 6:   We planned on a return to Legoland, however we waited and waited for the RV tech to arrive to install a new air conditioner and repair one of the gray water valves.  Took longer than expected and were not done until mid afternoon.   That was ok...... girls went for another swim.  Then we had a visit from our friends Diane and Russ who moved to Florida a couple of years ago.  They were members of our church in NJ and we miss them dearly.   The visit was so good I forgot to take their picture.  

July 7:   Haines CIty to Walterboro SC.    371 miles/ Green Acres Campground

July 8:   Walterboro, SC to Emporia VA    344 miles / Yogi Bear Campground

July 9:   Emporia Va to Monroeville, NJ    294 miles/   Four Seasons Campground  And yes, some thunderstorms at night.

July 10:  Returned the girls to their proper owners


  1. haha readers digest condensed version....thunderstorms...thing the whole country is one big thunderstorm...driving today lots of rivers streams out of banks

  2. So how did you feel when you returned the kids? Mixed feelings?

    1. Yup, fiver seems so empty. And so quiet. Kind of enjoying it for now.

  3. Time for you both to take a breather, it was one big fun time

  4. Just think of all the memories y'all made. The girls are so adorable.

  5. Relaxing time now. Hope things get back to "normal " :)