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Monday, August 18, 2014

Feeling little better and what's with Espresso?

Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ

Settled into Camp Driveway at daughters house.   I saw my Dr. last week, also had 3 days of rehab.  I see the neurologist next week.    I'm getting around okay and slow.   Awfully tired and weak.  Somewhat emotional.  Easily frustrated.  Plugging along.   Thanks for the well wishes.

While in Alaska I was fascinated by all the small drive-up Espresso shops.   Seemed like one every few miles or so, a whole lot closer when in town.

Someone did a fine paint job on this one:

Love the roof line:

The bare essentials:

Not only Espresso served:
It pays to advertise:

Looking like a train:

And another one:

Mountains and open at 4:15 am!

Usually always a lineup.

Wonder how business is in winter.   Hot chocolate too?


  1. Staying in my prayers, Phyllis.

    Those little shops are so darn cute. What a clever idea.

  2. I don't drink coffee, so I usually just zip past those places. From what I've read, it's a much younger population in Alaska, and I guess they need espresso to keep them going. ;)

  3. I'm thinking along the same lines as Judy. Perhaps folks up there need a bit of a pick-me-up? The shops are certainly creative! Sounds like you're making progress! Keep it up! Proud of you!

  4. That great selection makes want a coffee now:)

  5. So happy to have you do an update Phyllis. Look how well your doing. I guess when your used to doing everything it can be frustrating for you to have to work it all out again. But you certainly have come a good pace already.
    I love the coffee shops I've seen some really small ones but nothing as creative as these.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. So glad to hear you and Len are doing better, when you do head south hope you can stop at the Weeb Ranch foe a weeks rest and Donna & I can renew our friendhship, am so afraid something will happen to Donna before we can get together. Tell Len we will at least hit Harbor tools and other man laces. Love Sam

  7. So happy you are coming along nicely. Prayers are continuing for your recovery. When we were in Oregon, we saw a lot of those little coffee 'huts'. George is a big coffee drinker, I'm happy with my one cup in the morning at home. Too expensive!

  8. David is the espresso drinker - me, I just like plain ole 8 o'clock coffee :) I can tell you are getting better by your posts - you will overcome my dear! Prayers continue for you both.

  9. Good to see you are doing better!

    Bob- from Phaeth to full time