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WHEE...... Home in Alabama!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

OWL.....First week.

Dubach, LA

We had heard about this facility through the years from other NOMADS.   So, in planning our route for this Spring, we put it in our itinerary.   We are glad we did.

It is part of the Methodist Childrens Home of Louisiana which has several campuses throughout Louisiana.   This one does not have residents but provides all types of recreational opportunities.  The closest resident facility is in nearby Ruston.   At this time there are 123 at-risk children enrolled in the program.  They are provided an in-house education along with counseling and various recreational opportunities.

When visiting family in Southwest Lousiaina we have seen a facility in Sulphur with signage Methodist Childrens Home.  We now know it is part of the complex.

OWL sits on 800 beautiful acres that includes forests and several ponds.  Our first day we were taken on a tour.   Love this support in the bunk house.

Here at OWL there is a large bunk house, a Motel type building where parents who visit can stay, a Conference Center, an horse arena, a zip line, a maze and lots of other cool stuff.  Along with 24 horses, a miniature cow, a pot-bellied pig, ducks, two donkeys, lots of goats and a couple of mean geese.

The arena

Up to yesterday we had terrific Internet but something is amiss.  It fades in and out and takes a LONNNGGGGG time to upload a picture.

Therefore, I am cutting this post short.  Have lots of pics and information from our first week of work but telling that story will have to wait!

So until, next time.....when we get better Internet.....


  1. Will be waiting to see this place sounds wonderful for helping kids.

  2. Sounds like a nice place to be! Good luck with internet. We've had to use our own since we've been in OK, and we search around town for free internet to update our phones. Makes it a pain!