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WHEE...... Home in Alabama!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Glad we packed

VRV Campground
Vinton, LA

In preparation for heading out tomorrow afternoon, yesterday we packed our lawn chairs, flag and an outside side table.  Glad we did.   This morning it was a downpour.  Lightening, thunder, lots of rain.

Behind our rig

We were parking the truck behind the rig.  A few days ago we started parking in front on the concrete slab.  Since we don't have a boat or high waders, that was a good move.

This park is full of permanent sites for people who work in the nearby refineries.  There are only 4 sites for transients like us.   These four sites are pull throughs on large concrete pads.  All but a few of the other sites are on stone or gravel.   Won't this be fun?

Looking to the side of our site.  These are a little higher.  The rains have given our new home a good test.  No leaks.

Being a rainy dreary morning, Len was in no hurry.  Here he sits in his favorite spot playing his favorite game..... spider solitaire.   Yes, he does have something on.  But not much.

After he finally got dressed, we went into town to top off the fuel tank. Tomorrow morning it's stow stuff, empty the black tank, pull in slides and go to church.  After church an easy hook up and pull out.

We will spend tomorrow night dry camping and arrive at Hidden Cove, a Thousand Trail park in Arley, AL. on Monday for a two week stay.

Until next time.


  1. Be safe. Those rains are bad going through your area.

  2. Smart thinking to pack your stuff when it was dry. It must be pretty warm there for Len to be in his skivvies. ;)

  3. We're looking for a good week ahead of no rain or storms. Safe travels tomorrow!

  4. Hope it stopped raining by time you pulled out. Safe travels

  5. Because it seems like the east and southeast have had a wetter than normal winter and spring, we have added "Wellies" (short for Wellingtons they are what the British call their rubber boots)to our stuff we carry. Be prepared!