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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Hidden Cove and beyond

Hidden Cove TT Campground
Arley, AL

Following church in Vinton, LA on Sunday we headed northeast a bit for the 450+ mile ride to this campground.    As we no longer care to travel more than 300 miles a day, we over-nighted at a rest area on I59 near Hattiesburg, MS.   We found this rest area to be quiet, well lit and minimal highway noise.

We had spent just a few days at this campground back in January on our way west.  We choose this campground for two reasons.   It is in our Thousand Trails membership ($425 a year for 2 Zones) so we pay just $3.00 a night.  It is also relatively close to our son and family in Cullman, AL.  I guess we can call about 40 miles relatively close.  It is an easy drive.

This campground has just 63 sites, many of which are under yearly rental.  But it has a lot to offer.  Clubhouse, Pool (not open yet) fishing, clean and inexpensive laundry and really nice Managers.

Our site:

We are directly across from the playground

And the mini golf course

And a short walk down to a finger of huge Smith Lake.  We say we have lake front view.  Yup, can see the lake if we stretch our neck and look through the trees.

Won't you love living here?

Another great unexpected pleasure......I was sitting at the computer Tuesday afternoon and saw an RV drive by.  On the car was a NOMADS sign.   Len and I were curious if we knew them.  So walked right down to where they were parked.  Yup!  Gary and Linda Williams!  We've worked with them way back in 2010 and have spent time with them while attending annual NOMADS meetings.

Thursday night we watched Grandson Jordan play T Ball

And I received this gift from daughter Terri, her hubby Steve and their dog Cane.  Never thought about carrying a vase in the RV.  All I have are stored away in one of our two utility trailers.  This lovely receptacle was given by Lennie to his Dad many years ago.  Came in handy.

Tomorrow is Mothers Day.  Lennie, Lois, Jordan and Maddie will be coming here to the park.  Joining us for Lennie's lucious burgers and other goodies will be our friends Gary and Linda.  Going to be a great day.

In an hour we go to the ice cream social here at Hidden Cove.  Alrighty then......

Until next time.


  1. I would love to stay there.

    Happy Mothers Day

  2. What a lovely park! Happy Mother's Day to you :)