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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Best drive ever

Pecos, TX

Wednesday Feb. 24.   We left Congress, AZ and drove  255 miles to Snowflake, a nice little town at higher elevations.   This is a small campground with friendly, helpful owners.  At a Passport America cost of $17.00 a night we are not complaining at all.

Our ride to Snowflake was uneventful even through we climbed to heights of over 8,000 ft with some of it on 6% grades with curves included.   This was something we don't see often as we try to leave the northeast in time!

Thursday, Feb 25th   We got up and EXPECTED to take a tour through the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest.  Sometimes (often with us) plans go astray.   We no sooner got through the gate when we heard really bad sounds coming from the brakes.  Len checked behind wheels and said it looks bad.  After looking at this view

we turned around.   I used our onboard GPS to find the nearest Ford Dealer.  We called them and told them we were about 15 miles away and what we suspected the problem was.  They were ready for us when we arrived.    We were not real disappointed in the change of plans as we have been to the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest a few years ago.

After checking. we found we needed new front brakes, calibers and rotors.  They had to order the parts and would receive them in the morning.  This was costly but we thought about it and realized since we last had new brakes installed we have been to Alaska, Florida, Michigan, Arizona and in between each of these destinations back to the northeast, Alabama and Louisiana.  It was time.

The shop got right on the job the next morning.  We are so thankful we were became aware of the problem before towing our 40 foot home up and down AZ and NM mountains.  It could have had tragic results.

Friday, Feb 26.    The brake job was completed around 1 pm. We got on the road at 2:15.  The drive on Route 60 and 380 from Show Low, AZ to Roswell, NM is one of the best we've ever encountered. 
365 miles of grassy plains, mountains, a few very small towns and little traffic.

We stopped to see what these are all about.  There were 3 elderly folks at the wayside pull off standing there when we pulled in.   They asked if they could use our bathroom.  Alrighty!   They told us these are satellites that monitor weather conditions.  

A most beautiful sunset:

We overnighted at a Walmart in Sorocco, NM.  Then today we drove another 328 miles to an Escapees Park in Pecos, TX.   Cost as a member for two nights....$41.00 full hook ups.  More great scenery today.

  Here in Texas one would expect to be surrounded by oil fields.  Right?

Until next time.


  1. What was the temps in Snowflake? They had lots of snow this winter all throught that area.

    Sure glad you were able to get the brakes done quickly and be on your way.

  2. We blew an outer dually tire last year just east of El Paso. After tow truck came and put on the spare, which was ten years old and never been used, we creeped into El Paso and found a Discount Tire which carried seven tires (just in case we needed all seven). Then doing research I found out that the six on the rig were on recall. Bottom line, seven new tires for the price of one! We felt very blessed...could have happened out in the Mojave Desert a few days later.

  3. Glad you got the brake issue resolved with not too much of setback. We could hear the noise but it sounded like it was on the front. It wasn't until the yearly safety the problem was found to be on the rear. Vehicles are great when they are running good.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.