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Sunday, February 21, 2016


Congress, AZ that is.   

We left Buckeye on Friday morning and drove all of 65 miles to:

This is a park in the Escapees system.  A nice little, neat and tidy park.  We stayed here 4 years ago and enjoyed it so here we are again until Wednesday the 24th.

Friday night Leonard wanted some BEEF.   By beef he means a huge prime rib.  The closest town of any size is Wickenburg just 10 miles up the road.   We found what looked promising and hit it just right.  Prime rib is their Friday night special.  Included was soup and salad bar plus choice of potato and really good carrots.   He was happy.  I selected the salmon.  Also good.

Yesterday we sat around all day.  We were vegetables you might say.  Can't do that two days in a row so today it was coffee and bagels at the clubhouse and then off for a ride.

Around Wickenburg are 3 traffic circles with statutes in the median.    Took pictures of all 3, but on one I got just a partial shot.   Here are two.

Bucking horse and rider:

Pity the horse moved by these spurs:

Before we left Buckeye we visited Pioneer Living History Museum which is just north of Phoenix.

This outdoor museum is a collection of buildings moved from various locations in Arizona to this complex.

Signs warn Look out for Snakes.   I'd say!!!

We have until March 3 to make our way to Bridgeport, TX, near Fort Worth.  I had it all planned until I decided really don't care to travel I-40 again.  Looking at other feasible routes.  Decided on route, now this afternoon it's planning our drive times and where to stop to explore the areas.  That's my goal for this afternoon.  Oh, and the ice cream social at 4:00.

Until next time.


  1. We stayed at that park once also. Very friendly people. That area of AZ is so pretty!

  2. If you are in to visiting The Bayfield Bunch still have their Arizona home down near the end of Ghost Town Road.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Like your new header. Can't tell if that is a real snake but it sure is time for them to be coming out nasty things

  4. What a cute little town. Yum, a good prime rib sounds good :)