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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Buckeye Days

Buckeye, Arizona

On Wednesday morning January 27 we said good bye to New Mexico and traveled on to

After 296 miles behind us we stayed one night at

This was a nice full hookup Escapee park for only $17.00 a night

From there it was a short 86 mile drive to Community Church of Buckeye where we will be volunteering for the next three weeks.    When we got to the church we were concerned about the sites.   They are behind the church through a narrow gate on grassy low lying ground.  Len managed to get us in and parked.  We could not see how there will be room for the two diesel pushes yet to arrive.  At 16,000 lbs our fifth wheel sunk a good 5 inches.  The diesel pushers both weight 31,000 lbs.   We spent the night.

After talking to the pastor and on the telephone to the the head to the church's trustees we were invited to move to the trustees property about 11 miles from the church.  He has 10 acres and on it 4 RV sites.    He is currently in Iowa due to a death in the family and won't be back for two weeks. One site is used by a gentleman who works for him and would help us when needed.   Two of the other sites are full hookup, and one with electric and water.

We packed up and moved.  We will use the limited hook up site as we can let the gray water run on the ground.   Should we need to dump the black tank, we have a blue-boy for transferring to the septic system.

One couple (Jerry and Carol) arrived shortly after we got here.  The other couple (Steve and Sandy) earlier today.

The Arizona sunset last night

Today and tomorrow are Buckeye days.  Rodeos and craft fair.  The parade this morning.  First a cattle drive through town.

Stage Coach

This beauty

Now this is a REAL beauty

 What is a parade if no tractors

How do they get into these things?

Here where we are parked, lots of quail.  Hard to get a picture.  Those things are FAST.

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  1. We love rodeos. Enjoy your stay. We have been to Buckeye several time for spring training.

  2. Nice you made it in time to enjoy a few nice days. Looks like it will be up and down weather wise.

    Fun things in the parade