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Friday, January 22, 2016

Just some more problems

Southern Star RV Park
Van Horn, Texas

We left Seguin, TX late yesterday morning expecting clear roads and skies and no problems.  That did not last long.

In San Antonio traffic we had people waving to us, horns beeping and lights flashing.  Len pulled over to the side of the road.   Not much of a shoulder and whizzing traffic.

We walked to the back on the rig to see what all the fuss was about.  Uh oh.

Bolts had sheared

We managed to jack the rack up, Leonard crawled under and installed the strongest bolts he had that would fit.

Off we go.  Made it about 2 miles and again horns beeping and lights flashing at us.  This time we were on an overpass with even less room to pull over.   We knew we would have to remove the generators until a more permanent fix of the rack.   As we started to jack up the rack, a young man of about 25-30 stopped and asked if he could help.

He was our angel.  He helped Leonard remove bolts that secure the generators to the rack.  Then they put the generators in our truck bed.  I honestly don't know if I could have been much help carrying the generators and especially lifting them.  Then he crawled under the trailer and put another set of bolts on the frame.   He refused our offer of payment.   Young people like this restore my faith in humanity.

After the rack was fixed we put the portable black tank dump unit that usually is kept in the truck bed on the rack. Much lighter.

We then found the nearest Home Depot and Len got Grade 8 bolts and installed them.  We spent last night at a rest area on I-10 near Ozona, Tx.  Len was asleep before 9 and slept through til almost 8. Exhausted!

About those clear skies and roads and no problems.  That we had today.  Gotta love West Texas.

When we got to this campground he asked the owner if anyone local does welding.  We are in luck.  He made a call and we are now waiting for the welder.  Let's weld that thing good!

Speaking of the park, we are quite pleased with it.  Full hooks, free WIFI and cable (we use our own satellite, has more stations) and very nice owners.   At a Passport America cost of $15.00 a night it's a great deal.

As my daughter Terri said about yesterday's darma:     Really?  Enough already!


  1. You guys have more drama than we do :) Hope this is the last drama for 2016!

  2. We have had a couple of those kind of adventures. It really does your heart good when strangers appear out of no-where and help like that - just out of kindness. Perhaps it is what Jesus said "the kingdom of God is at hand." It is here, now, all around us. We just have to be aware of it.

  3. What a mess, but what a great help that kid was how very special he is. I hope you don't have anymore problems. I ordered up your nice weather for when you get here.

  4. Thank goodness you both are safe. What a wonderful young man to stop and help.

    What campground are you staying in? We go that way all the time and always looking for a good place to overnight.

  5. wow what a nice guy to help, so glad all is well now. We are at Peace River TT now for another week or so. stay safe

  6. Sure is nice when people let you know something is not right behind you. Our toad blew a tire and I had no clue until someone pulled up next to us...we have tire sensors now. Stayed at the Southern Star ourselves a few months ago, I think they are the best Passport park there in Van Horn.