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Monday, January 11, 2016

January Birthdays

VRV Campground
Vinton, LA

One of the nice things when visiting friends and family in Southwest Louisiana is getting together for celebrations.  And Len's family lets no occasion go by without doing just that.  This month it was birthdays, of which Leonard was one of several.

Yesterday 17 of us met at a restaurant right across the Sabine River in Orange, TX where many in the family now live.  Waiting for a table niece Lydia, niece Farrah (shares her birthday on same day as Len) and sister-in-law Susie

 Two great nieces

Got us all seated at one table

Siblings.   Standing Sissy,  Royce (a January birthday, Lydia (a January birthday) and Leonard (a January birthday).   With 10 siblings these must have been a good a chance on sharing birthday months.

One other brother was there too.   This is Bobby in the LSU cap.  He and wife Charlotte (sitting across from Bobby)  were at the buffet table when the above picture was taken.

Sissy and husband David engrossed in the football game.   In this family of Cowboy fans, David is teased about being an Eagles fan.  Me, growing up across the river from Philadelphia appreciate his choice of teams.

Today we are off to meet with another couple of RVers I have "met" on Facebook.  Stay tuned.