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Monday, January 25, 2016

Rocks, rocks and more rocks

Dream Catcher RV Park
Deming,  New Mexico

We made it to NM without further incident.  A few words about our recent mishap.  In the last post I related the story about the young man who helped us and refused money for his assistance.  Now for another story.

When we arrived in Van Horn we asked the owner of the RV park if he knew someone who welded.  He made a quick call and we were told the welder  would come to our site within the hour.   It was about 3 hours later that he arrived.  We did not have a problem with him being late.  Things happen.

He did a fine job in welding another plate on the frame to better hold the rack.  We were well pleased. His charge was $90.00 which we felt was reasonable.  Leonard gave him $100.00.  He said he would return at 10 the next morning to add something to better lessen the rack from bouncing.

He did not arrive at 10.  At 11:30 Len called him.  He said he would not be much longer.  OK, we'll wait.  Finally around 4 Len worked on the rack himself as we were leaving the next day and still had to load the generators and bolt them down.  He did not want to work in the dark.  And the man never called to let us know if he was coming and would be late.

At 7:15 a knock on our door. Another man said he came to let us know the welder would be there in another 15 minutes.   Len told him to tell the welder to forget it, he got tired of waiting and did it himself.  As I said, things happen.  Never heard more from the welder  If he was going to be detained the professional thing to do would be make a phone call.  

Two stories:  A young man who stopped to help and refused pay.  An older man who gladly accepted the extra money we offered and then was not dependable.    Which one would you trust?

We arrived at

yesterday afternoon.  This is an Escapees Park.  Fullhook up for $20.00 a night.  We were here back in 2011 for a few days.  Last night we attended their weekly ice cream social and spent an extra hour talking to 4 other full timers until it looked like we were  going to be kicked out!

Our site:

Like all park and everything else in this area, it is gravel.  Last night the winds blew.  Today relatively calm.

After doing some shopping at Walmart this morning we drove the 25 miles to

The rocks forming the City of Rocks were produced by a very large volcanic eruption that occurred 34.9 million years ago.  The eruption was 1000 times greater than the eruption of Mount Saint Helens in 1980.  

A day pass to the park is $5.00 per car.  There are several dry camping sites at $10.00 a night.  Those sites sit among the rocks.  There are also many large electric and water sites for $14.00 a night.  I wish I had known this.  We would have enjoyed staying there a few days.  Maybe another time?

In the park are several walking trails and a gravel road to an observation point with picnic shelters.  A view looking down on the electric/water camping sites.

I had packed a lunch which we quickly ate while walking around.   A cold wind making it too cold sit or to stay up there long.

Now back at the rig looking forward to social hour at the clubhouse in another hour and a half.


  1. How do some people stay in business? How inconsiderate!

    We have never visited the City of Rocks. Like they say...next time.

  2. Now that is something I would not have expected from and older man who has a business. That is quite rude.

    I have been told many times if I ever get to NM to visit the City of Rocks.

  3. I like rocks! A large part of my travel pictures contain mostly rocks:)

  4. We've never stayed there, will have to put it on the list! Nice state park to explore.

  5. I love the photo of the big "thumbs up" rock!