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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Friends, Old Friends and Family

Seguin, Texas

As I've said many times, the very best thing about fulltime RVing is meeting new friends, reconnecting with old friends and visiting with family.  I am always amazed at the people we know all over the country.   The last two weeks prove it.

While in Louisiana we made new friends.   Meet Judy and Dick

Judy and I met on Facebook thanks to our mutual friend Peggy.   Judy and Dick are from Lake Charles, LA which is about 30 miles from where Leonard grew up.  They have also gate guarded, which is how Peggy met them.  They are currently camp hosting at a Texas state park in Lumberton. One day we drove over for a first meet.   Delightful.

While in Louisiana Len took time to do a much needed wash on the truck. A week later we only wish it still looked like that.

We left Louisiana on Friday, January 15 headed to Houston.  When in the Houston area, we backyard camp at our old friends Lola and Olan.   We met these fine people through NOMADS and have worked several projects with them.

They were away for the weekend so we didn't get a chance to visit.  But we thank them for giving us a place to park while we visited with family.

Here is daughter D'Juana, son-in-law Joe and granddaughter Lindsey

Grand-dogs Tawney and Molly.  Wow, what active little girls.

On Monday we pulled out of Houston and came here to Seguin.   Whenever we travel I-10 through Texas we make a point of visiting friends Marsha, Annie and Sharon.  This is Marsha on the left and Sharon on the right.  Sharon is a school friend of my daughter Terri.   We love their Texas hospitality.  Two harder working people you would never meet.

They have a small ranch with horses, goats, chickens, etc.  They grow and can their own veggies and in their spare time they actually have a small construction business.  They built their own barns, hothouses, fences, etc and added a large screened room and deck on their house.   They never slow down.    Plus they cook some really fine ribs, slaw and potato salad.

And every night they feed some locals.

Tomorrow we pull up stakes and head a little further west.  See ya down the road.


  1. The mud we get on the truck is driving George nuts. We have a five mile drive on dirt/gravel roads to the gate. Glad you have friends to visit on the way west

  2. Thanks for the picture, Phyllis,and Dick and enjoyed meeting you and Len, too. Safe travels and see ya on the road!

  3. Texas hospitality can't be beat. Sounds like you two are enjoying the good life and visiting so many wonderful people.

  4. Your sure have been doing some rolling. Catching up with new and old friends and relatives is always nice.