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Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Wedding and new daughter

Circle M Campground
Lancaster, PA

 Here we area, back in Pennsylvania Amish Country.   We moved to this campground last Sunday.  But Thursday we took a quick trip to Alabama for our sons marriage to a great lady - Lois

They were married on Friday at a small ceremony in a small chapel.

In attendance were Lennie's daughter (our pretty 13 year old Granddaughter) Madison

Lennie's grandson Jordan who Lennie, and now Lois, are glad is part of their family.  He has been with Lennie for about a year and a half and growing into a funny, playful little boy.

And, of course, the proud father Leonard and me.

We could not be happier for all of them.  Lois has brought a bright shining light to their lives.   She is a Godly woman who with patience and love deeply cares for these two beautiful children.   This is a home that is truly blessed.

A quiet moment before the ceremony.

And after: