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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This and that

Turtle Run Campground
Egg Harbor City, NJ

While we were still at Circle M in Lancaster, PA we started having issues with the LED lights over the bed.   Look at the flimsy button to turn on and off.

First one broke then the other one over the bed appeared to have blown out. The next morning the one in the closet didn't work.   So we went to a near by RV dealer to buy replacements.  Each of these lights cost $24.00.   We really did not like them due to the one button switch had actually fallen off.  Instead we replaced then with the old-fashioned type at a cost of $11.00 each.

We got back to the rig, Len started replacing the lights and realized the problem with the three that did not work (in addition to a broken switch) was the fuse!  Oh well, we like these better.

This was our site at Circle M.

Along with an outside pool, they have an indoor pool and a water park.  Granddaughter Abby visited for a couple of days and enjoyed all three.

We like this park where we are now.  The owners could not be nicer.  Having a family wedding to attend next week, Len needed his suit cleaned.  We found a cleaner in nearby Mystic Island.  He hasn't worn a suit in....gosh, can't remember when.

While out and about we took a short ride of the area.  I've always loved the more remote areas of the Jersey Shore.  This road leads to the Great Egg Harbor where it dead ends.

At the end is what a "think" is a Coast Guard complex

In the distance is the Atlantic City skyline.  Got to really squint to see it?

 I find this house and property interesting.  Every time we pass this,  it seems there is more to see on the privacy fence

Now I bet you never thought your see this combination hanging out together.  Lady Liberty, A transformer and Jesus!

So many others.  Gotta wonder.  WHY?

Speaking of hanging out.   Judy, what type of Goose is that hanging with the Canada geese on my header?


  1. sounds like a nice place. great how they build somethng flimsy and charge you more for it

  2. I'm afraid it's a domestic goose of some sort. :(

  3. I like the old style lights better too. Nice area you are in miss the coast sometimes

  4. We replaced a few of our with the old-fashion version. Like them much much better.

    That is one crazy looking piece of property. Looks like you could spend a few hours taking it all in.

  5. We've had to replace some of our lights as well. The toggle switch goes bad apparently. George is good at replacing them, but has used the same light.