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Monday, August 17, 2015

Haven't forgotten ya!

Turtle Run Campground
Wading River
Egg Harbor,  NJ

Yesterday we moved from Circle M campground in PA to this small family owned campground.  We were here two years ago this same week..... how time flies.

My Verizon Internet does not connect here.   And the only strong connection to the campgrounds system is by the pool.   Not a problem but the sun makes it difficult the see the screen.  Hence a very short post and hello.

This afternoon Len has a dental appointment to clear him for knee replacement.  A dental cleaning is required pre-surgery.  Never heard of that before.

I do hope all is well with each of  you.   I will get on various blogs I follow soon.  I promise.


  1. Paul had to have his teeth cleaned before his knee replacement and hip replacement.

    Glad to hear you are both doing fine.

  2. Glad to hear from you :) Tough blogging for me, but going to Glacier on Thursday, so I will catch up!

  3. I've had both knee's done and didn't have to go to a dentist. Wishing him well.