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Monday, March 14, 2016

Is this the best we have?

Rainbows End
Livingston, TX

Caution...... political

As a political junkie, I find I can no longer watch TV as I have for the last several years.  It knots my stomach, makes me feel hopeless.

These 4 top contenders are the best this country has to offer?

1.   A self-promoting reality star.   Changes policies stances on a daily basis.  Vulgar language.                 Insults thrown at abandon and then when reminded what he said he denies he ever said it.

2.    A proven liar.  Denies what she said to the family of slain heroes.   Considers the opposing                  political party her biggest enemy.  As this while she faces possible legal problems.

3.    A person who wants to further move this country to Socialism.  Presents a budget and programs         that would put us further in debt to be handed down to future generations.  Free is not free.

4.    A Senator who has been unable to work with all other Senators.  Since when is reaching a middle        ground, while maintaining your core principles, a bad thing?

Am I alone in feeling a sense of hopelessness?   Is this really the best we have?


  1. I feel the same. Minnie Mouse is a better candidate.

  2. I know what you mean. And most of what Bernie wants to do would never be passed by the Congress anyway.

    I find Trump super scary.

    1. Actually, Jessica. Most of all of them are promising will not pass Congress...Republican or Democrat! So sad.

    2. Well that's true. Especially this year with some of the things the candidates are touting. But I was thinking of Bernie's plans for free college and universal medicare coverage which I don't think would ever go anywhere.

    3. The USA is inexorably being dragged, kicking and screaming by many, towards universal health care for all, not just those on Medicare which virtually provides universal health care for most people over 65 yrs. of age.

      As for Bernie's plans for 'free college' keep in mind he's only referring to 'Public' institutions and not private colleges like Harvard, Stanford etc. There all already many government grants that go towards this type of education so it's not really so outlandish an idea.

  3. I cannot believe our great country has these few people to run for the highest office! I am a bit embarrassed for us right now. What must all the other countries be thinking? Dear Lord please help us!

  4. Absolutely. What happened to the good guys? Scary year for politics.

  5. This may be the saddest collection of candidates that I can remember. I suppose that this circus only reflects how truly disgusted the general public is with how the government is NOT properly run.

  6. I am not a political junkie but even I cansee how sad the situation is...to bad we just cant go 4 years w/o a president...there are goodpeople out there, but they do not have the $$ behind them nor a whale to finance them...no matter which way we go we are in my opnion screwed for the next 4 years

  7. I am looking forward to the day (in the very near future) we cross over into Canada and up the Alaska Highway and get away from all of this....

  8. There's an old saying that goes "in a democracy, people get the government they deserve."

    That saying will be put to the test this November in America.