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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

At a dangerous place...

Fort Worth,  TX

Yesterday the crew left early due to some issues with a pump, so we took a short ride.  We knew we are in a very dangerous area.   Not from these guys about a mile away:

They are corralled in a pasture.

But from this, only 2 miles away:

Oh no!    We found our way here.  

One thing we did not like about our new Cedar Creek was the tiny, narrow end "tables" on each side of the sleeper/sofa.    So yesterday Leonard dismantled them and made one table that is actually wide enough to put something one.  Looks pretty good to me.

Can you imagine how narrow a table 1/2 that width would be?  Useless!


  1. Sometimes I think that the people who design these rigs have never lived in one.

  2. Good that Len is so handy to modify things like that. We've switched our recliners and sofa around (recliners are facing the TV now) and the end table is a tad too big. Maybe Len can cut it in half for us :-) We'll have to switch them back to travel, but it's much easier to watch TV now.

    1. Lauri - we were lucky. Our sofa in the Montana was narrow enough to stay long the back wall when slides came in. We so much liked the recliners facing the TV. The Cedar Creek came that way.

  3. Great job on that little table. Looks good!

  4. Nice job on the table Len. Phyllis your a lucky gal to have Len around. I'm sure for more than his handy man, but you both seem quite compatible too.