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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Who asked for this!

Fort Worth,  TX

Yesterday I was sooooooo smug.   Got close to 80 out.  Today?

Got up this morning to 31 and sleeting.  Then the temps started dropping.  Tonight it is expected to be 18.  Water to the rig is frozen.  Thankfully we still have some in the tank.

We made it to church.   Saw one truck off the road, turned sideways into a ditch and up against a tree.  Roads looking like this.

Following church we did the laundry over in Lake Worth.  Seems to be the only laundromat for miles around.  A rant here.......   The people that use this laundry are VERY possessive of the laundry carts.  I noticed it last week and it was evident again today.  Last week a lady came up and asked if I was using the laundry cart near me. I told her no.   But the woman next to me grabbed it and said it was hers.

Now, that woman had just come in and put her laundry to wash.  It would be at least 20 minutes before she needed the dang thing. But hold on to it she did.

I noticed every laundry cart in the place was taken.  Either by someone holding it for dear life, having their empty laundry basket in it or some such thing.   When it came time for me to put my clothes from the washer to the dryer I dare not ask to use one.  I shoved my wet clothes in my laundry bag  to not offend someone asking to use a cart.   Today  -  same thing.   Those that had a cart kept it close to their side.   Luckily there was a spare one available for my use.  What gives!?!  

Once the laundry was done we had a late lunch at Chilies.   On the 15 mile drive back to our site we saw two more cars turned around on the highway.   Thinking people here are not used to driving on ice and snow.

Ice?   Check out our wheels.

And my side running board.

Thick ice coating.

Sure wish we were parked inside the high fencing around the well.

Instead we sit just outside of it where the winds are whipping and more sleet coming down.

We are on a dead-end street.  Only two homes beyond the site.   One slick road!

My deepest apologies to family and friends up north who have really had a severe winter.  I'll get some cheese with my whine now.


  1. My goodness...your wheel looks so strange.
    Here in Houston it has dropped form 73 to 39 right now. Getting very cold.

  2. All I can say is, "BRRRRRR!" Ditto what Paul and Marsha said. Waller (North of Houston is currently 30 - headed to 25. Yesterday temp almost hit 80.

  3. I hope that the summer isn't as strange weather-wise. This has been the fiercest winter everywhere!

  4. WOW! that is some nasty stuff but the picture of the wheel is art in it's self.

    I can't get over the people in the laundry how rude people can be is just awful.
    Hope it starts to warm up soon. We had a bad storm here Sat. temps dropped from about 68 in the morning to around 50 just before noon. Wind blew like made making it even colder.