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WHEE...... Home in Alabama!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Job Completed

Fort Worth, TX

This gate guard assignment will end tomorrow.   We've been here 5 weeks.   Our contact tells us that there will be another position available within two weeks.   That's okay with us!   We look forward to some time off.

At this time we do not know where we will be headed.  Could be in this area, could be in the Shreveport, LA area.   So I've made reservations at a COE (Corps of Engineers) park, just about 38 miles away.

We will be staying at Holiday Campground on Benbrook Lake just SW of Fort Worth.  I am surprised at how few sites were available for online booking.  Is it because people are really there or because they only allow limited sites to be booked online?  We find that is often the case.   Sometimes we book ahead, sometimes we just show up.

In  looking at the map, we are right on the lake front.  Wonderful!    We love COE parks.  I've booked for 6 days with the total cost only $84.00.  Gotta love the Federal Senior Pass giving us 50% off.

Should our assignment come up before our six days reservation is complete,  no worry.   We've enjoyed COE parks throughout the country and if we pay for a few extra days, it's still a bargain.   If the assignment is still not ready by next weekend we will book for some more days but head to Sulphur, Louisiana over the weekend.   Len's family is having a reunion on the 29th.   His cousin has a castle in Sulphur.  To see it just Google Sulphur, Louisiana castle.   I keep forgetting it's name  Something French,  But why not, it's in Louisiana.

Once our contact from Gate Guard Services shows up tomorrow to pick up their generator, water tank sewer system we head on out.

So looking forward to sitting by the lake, relaxing, going for some walks, going to bed before 2:30 am and most of all EATING OUT.


  1. Congratulations. Glad you will be a few days off to run wild.

    We, too, love COE parks. Our first COE park was by Lewsiville, TX, outside Dallas called Hickory Creek. It was love at first sight....hehe

    Safe travels where ever you head.

  2. Always nice to have some time off! We leave Florida on April 21, and are spending a week in Jekyll GA, and Savannah, GA. It'll feel like a vacation after 6 months here!

  3. I'll wave as you blast past on the way to Sulphur! :)

  4. Job well done. Enjoy your stay at the lake. Hope you get all the time you need for resting and enjoying.