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Monday, March 24, 2014

I am being challenged

Benbrook,  TX
Holiday Campground COE

I am now being FORCED to learn something new.     My old ACER computer runs on Windows XP.  Microsoft will no longer support XP effective April 8.  

The Toshiba I've had for the last 4 years or so I've given up on.   That thing has been a problem since day one.   Slow slow slow booting up.   Using my Verizon MIFI I can bring up my homepage on the Internet but get no further.

I can not even remember how many times I've had this piece of junk in the shop.   Every time someone works on it, it's worse.   The strange thing is I can connect to the Internet on other WIFI's okay, but not with my Verizon.    But even then it is slow.  

So I have been using the Acer for Internet connection.

Bottom line - time to open the wallet and get a new computer.

That I did yesterday.   Got me a Dell with Windows 8 and touch screen.   I am now in a learning curve.   Suggestion to everyone -  stay away.   I have little patience.    Please tell me it gets better.

So, do I take in the Toshiba and have Best Buy Geeks transfer data to the Dell or is it something I can do and save a few $$$$$.    Thinking I need to have them do it.   I am technically challenged.



  1. I was the Technology Integrator for our school district. I have seen teachers with my help about lose their mind. You better have them do it. It is not difficult, but save yourself tons of hours of stress.

  2. Hopefully in a week or so, it'll be like a good pair of shoes, nice and comfortable :)

  3. I kind of like Windows 8. When I got my new Dell last summer, I just wish I had gotten the touchscreen. It will get better.

  4. Enjoy ,your new computer, we had Matt show us how to use it. I am still working on our travel plans. We will be in WA and OR in September. I'll watch with interest anything you see in that area. Happy Travelling! Love to ya both, Dan and Carole

  5. So far I've managed to get to Chat and Facebook.... LOL.. So far good with the internet but haven't had time to do much else. Teach me when you figure it out.

  6. I got a new computer last year with Windows 7. After using XP for years I found Windows 7 different, but an easy change over. No regrets.