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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge

Benbrook,  TX

This morning we decided to do a bit of touring.   Our selection was

What a great day for a bit of a walk.   Cool with a slight breeze.   This refuge encompasses over 3,600 acres of natural North Central Texas.  There are over 20 miles of nature trails.

This trail was about 1.5 miles and took us down to the water where we observed a flock of pelicans.

Did not see much other wildlife unless you count this beauty.

Along the path is this pavilion.  Does not look like it gets much use any more.

In the midst of the refuge is the nature center.

Inside are displays of various snakes, amphibians, turtles, fish native to the area.   Even this little  guy who came out of his box for a bite of lunch.

Behind the center was another short path which leads to limestone cliffs overlooking the merging of two streams.   Looking down gave me the promise of Spring.  I could see some greening of the trees and bushes.

Our next walk was about a half mile on a boardwalk over marsh area.  Due to lack of recent rain, no marshy spots at all.

Our last stop was to look at these fellows.

There were about 15 bison fenced in along with a Prairie Dog town.   A bison and his little friend who is in the foreground.

After the visit we stopped at Best Buy to see how the transferring of data from Toshiba to my new Dell is coming along.  Should be done by tonight or tomorrow morning.  

Seeing as we burned some calories with today's walk, what did we do?   Had lunch at Pizza Hut.


  1. We love watching the Prairie Dogs. They are one of the most entertaining little things alive.

  2. Too bad there weren't a lot of critters to see. Spring is coming slowly I see. Hopefully you'll get your Dell back soon!

  3. So what is going to happen is the computer just doesn't work anymore after April 8? Or do they just not support problems? I don't have XP but my sister does and doesn't know what to do. I hope you will be happy with your new Dell. I hear so many stories about windows 8 I hope I don't have to change anytime soon. I purchased Malwarebytes Premium yesterday to insure better virus coverage which has killed my desktop. For $24, a year to me us well worth it I don't trust and have never had any luck with those expensive ones and Norton it the worst.

    Looks like the refuge was a well spent day.