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Sunday, March 16, 2014


Fort Worth, Tx

The first question people ask when they find out we do not own a "house" but instead live and travel full time in an RV is,  "what do you do about mail"   That's an easy one.   We have a mail forwarding service in our state of domicile, South Dakota.   We call them, tell them where to send it and problem solved.  In this computer age, we don't get a lot of mail anyway.   The few bills we have, I pay online.

The next question will usually be "what area of the country do you like the most?"    Now that is a little harder to answer.   We have not found a place we do not like.  Really.  But as far as favorite locations I have two.

The western mountainous area of North Carolina.   In 2010 we did a volunteer NOMADS project in Hayesville.    There was so much to do in the area that included local performances of local musicians.  Places as diverse as a folk center where locals played their dulcimers and other such instruments.  Also, Friday nights in a nearby town where musicians and singers were standing on the street corners "jamming" and the local dance hall was chock full of bands taking turns performing good old country music.  An every Friday night event.

The scenery in this area is beyond beautiful.   The pace of life is relaxed.

Another area where we also volunteered and fell in love with is the east central area of Oklahoma.  We've been there in the Spring and in the Fall.   This area is also mountainous with several large lakes including our favorite Ten Killer Lake.

As much as we love this area, I would never settle there.  I don't plan to settle anywhere that it is recommended there be a tornado shelter.   But we do love it there and it calls us back.

As I think about my favorite parts of the country I notice common threads.  Mountains.   Mountains full of green trees.   Simple country living.    Good food, good people, slower pace of life.

Do you have a favorite area?   Where? and Why?


  1. We've been asked that question too. Even though we haven't been on the road two years yet, I think our favorite spot has to be by water. We were on a COE lake in lower Illinois, Carlyle lake is just beautiful, with terrific sites right on the water. We also loved Tucson, the desert can be beautiful!

  2. You have made two awesome choices. We really have a difficult time answering that questions too. I think we would both agree, somewhere along the Gulf coast or Texas Hill country. That is a really tuff question.

  3. Easy answer for me. We love our home and the surroundings in Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island and it's the principal reason, among others, as to why we'll always be seasonal RVers.

  4. Yellowstone and Idaho are near the top of my list.

  5. I haven't done much traveling and I mostly stay in AZ. It is a very diverse place from desert to tall pines. Maybe this year I will get to explore NM State Parks and their lovely little towns. But I do love lake side camping.