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Monday, February 17, 2014

Need a little help from my friends.....

Fort Worth, Tx

Yesterday we started our first day of gate guarding this year.   This is going to be such a easy gate.   Open at 6 am, close at 7 pm, Sunday off.    Not much traffic at all so far today and it's a little after noon.   Just 16 vehicles have been checked in and two came out.  

Thanks to those who made comments regarding their support of my closing the old blog and starting anew.
It was so many years ago that I started that blog it feels like losing at old friend.  Reminds me of my biggest mistake when disposing of possessions when we decided to fulltime.  

I had been keeping a diary since 1992.   I packed those books into a box and set them in our three season room for future storage.  One Saturday Leonard was going to the township dump.   Not really a dump as we used to know them.  More of a recycling/disposing center.    On a whim, I told him he might as well take that box of diaries and toss them.  It was not two hours later that I had much regret.   So often I think of them.   I had documented our life events from 1992 to 2010 and threw that document in the TRASH.   Births, deaths, good times, sad times, the very fabric of our lives, into the dump.  I have almost that same feeling as I close down theeastsheadwest.

As I stated, it was years ago that I started my blog.   So much I have forgotten in the make up of it.   For the life of me I can't figure out how to have the section which shows the pictures of the "followers" of the blog.

So ,,,, I need a little help from my friends.    


  1. When you find it , also put the button on so we can follow you guys again. Sam & Donna.

  2. To add followers, sign in to your blog, go to 'layout' and there should be a place to add the gadget to have followers. It may already there as part of the basic template.

  3. Google will soon be retiring the Followers Gadget for Blogger in favour of the G+ Followers.

    Accordingly, they have kind of hidden the original Followers gadget but you can still get it. Here's how: go to Layout > Add A Gadget. Then in the pop-up window select 'More Gadgets' and scroll down to near the bottom where you'll find the Followers Gadget.

    One more thing. It seems you have activated the dreaded impossible to read "Captcha Comment Quiz" so we have to fill out a puzzle before commenting.

    Nothing will kill comments faster than this! It can be removed in the Settings > Comments.

  4. Sure glad you stopped by my blog so I can once again read and comment on your blog. Maybe I should do the same thing. I can blog on my desktop which runs at it's own will, for some reason blogger has decided I shouldn't be allowed to down load pictures. But happy to be here with you again.