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Saturday, July 1, 2017

South Dakota ... Revisited

Nebraska Tailwaters COE
Crofton, NE

So..... how many of these landmarks do you recognize?

Lots to do.....   As their motto says.      Great Places...Great Faces.

Until next time.


  1. I recognize all of the places except the Indian lady and the mall. I am glad you got to see the Black Hills. We really enjoy Custer SP

    1. Allan..... there is not a mall in the picture. The one you thought was a mall is the Archeadome (sp?)in Mitchell. The excavation site of a 1,000 year Indian village.

  2. We enjoyed our visit to SD. I think we have been too all the places except the second photo.

  3. Sure is lots to see and you all have seen quite a bit already.

  4. As you know we really loved that area last summer. I'm sure we'll go there again. Safe travels (for sure!) as you travel on.