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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Back in NJ

Upper Deerfield Twp  NJ

I arrived back here Thur morn.   Lefgt Anchorage Wed aafternoon.  Layover in Seattle.   Red eye to Phila.   Could not sleep on plane.  Very unconfonrtable.   Ecuse - fingers still don;t work right

Saw family dr Thus afteronoon.   Need rehab.  and see neurologist      Daughter here goes to Europe tomrrow.   Receives chairman azward from employer in Zurich.  Tjen to Italy.

Other daugther in MD picking me up and taking me there.   Has appootment with rehab on Monday.  When Len gets back will come back to NJ for neurolgost.  

Len just called.   He's gottento Edmonton, AB.    Still a long way to go.    Brother hellping with the driving.   He's enjoying his free trip to Alaska..    Saw bears, buffalo, reindeer, mountain goats and moose.    I think; tey are enjoying their time together.

I get weepy at times.  Tire easily.  Frustration.  Inside feels shaky.   Get tired of hitting wrong keu and backikng up tp correct as keep missing backspace key.   So, spmetimes I just leave it.  You are smart and can figure it oujt!!!!

Thanks to everyone wishing me well both here and on Facebook.   WOW!  A whole sentence without a mistake.  


  1. Hang in there, Phyllis! We're all rooting for you!

  2. Yes, Phyllis we are all keeping you in our thoughts and prayers!!! Don't worry about those keys...we can figure it out. It is just good hearing from you. Take good care of yourself and keep us posted. Hugs!!!

  3. Phyllis, this entry is better than your last. Keep plugging away and we will be here for you all the way.

  4. Your fingers might not be working correctly yet, but your brain sure is. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Glad you have family to be there during your time of need. Keeping you in our prayers.

    Congratulations to your daughter. What a big honor.

  5. This too shall pass. Phyllis, I pray for you and Len daily. You have a pioneer spirit that pushes you forward. Don't let the typos frustrate you. Remember, even spell checker can't get it right.

  6. Phyllis, I can see improvement in your typing with every post. Who knows? Perhaps it is some form of therapy to get hand / eye / brain working together smoothly again. Thank you ever so much for making the effort to post here and on Facebook. I am keeping you and Len in my heart, thoughts and prayers. You are never far from my thoughts throughout the day. I am so proud of you! Much love . . .

  7. So good to hear from you Phyllis!! Please don't worry about the spelling/typing issues. We can figure out what you are trying to say. :) Be patient with yourself. Hopefully every day will find you feeling a little better.

  8. Yes, your typing gives us a great challenge, we're all pretty smart to figure it out. I do agree it's probably good therapy for your brain, too! Continued prayers for recovery.

  9. Please know that David and I think about you daily, and our prayers continue for a full, complete and quick recovery! Love you gf.

  10. Baby steps Phillis, your typing posts are easy to read, just keep on going girl. It even looked better then the first post unless you are backing up a lot. don't bother, just wonderful to read it. Everyday a little stronger. Take good care, will be watching out for progress.

  11. At least you're back in familiar surroundings. The stream of consciousness type of keyboarding works just fine.
    I ain't had no stroke (yet) but I'm not so sure my typing abilities are that much better. Sure glad it's not on paper! Do they still even sell white-out??