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WHEE...... Home in Alabama!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

My Favorite Place

Cullman,  AL

After seven weeks of traveling with and hosting our 8 and 11 year old granddaughters, it sure is quiet around here.  (And the house stays a lot neater).  But I sure do miss them.  

We left Cullman on Friday the 11th and drove a little over 400 miles to our nephew and niece-in-laws house (Jason and Kelly)  who live in Rural Retreat, VA.   They are gracious to host us when we travel I-81.   After another 400 miles, we got the girls home to MD mid day on Saturday.  Daughter Amy and SIL Scott were awaiting their arrival with open arms and hugs and kisses.

Then we visited daughter Terri and SIL Steve who live in Cleona PA.  Grandson Justin and girlfriend Karlie came to the weekend.  We stayed there until Tuesday morning and did our trip in reverse, staying at Jason and Kelly's Tuesday night and arriving home Wednesday.

What a welcome sight!  Home!  And grass to be cut!  But that's okay.  It's home!

On Thursday as I set our table for dinner, it hit me.  Only Two Plates.  Only Two Place Settings.  Only Two People to Feed.  Tears fell.  So quiet around here now.    Time to relax, to think, to dream.

My spot favorite is our porch.  The front porch.  My views.

I love this house and every part of it.  But no place compares to this porch.  The back porch has a porch swing.  It's okay.  As we were looking  outside a bit ago, we saw a fawn and its mama walk into the woods in the back. That's nice.  But even with that, I prefer the front porch.

It's my spot for morning coffee.  It's my serene place for a cold glass of unsweet tea.  It's my spot to read or even play a game on the Smart Phone or catch up on Facebook.   It's a relaxing oasis in the evening to watch the lightening bugs until the mosquitoes find me.  It's a spot to just sit still, be calm and listen to the birds sing and watch the hummingbirds drink from the feeder.   It's my place of contentment.

Do you have such a place?

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Winding down

Cullman,  AL

Our summer with the girls is coming to a close.  Next Friday we take them back to their parents in Maryland after 2 months of travel, play, sight seeing and exhaustion.  Since we came back to Alabama in mid July we've visited:

 in Birmingham where Abby layed on a bed of nails

and Charlotte led a group of kids in "catching jewels"

If you are ever in the Birmingham area and have a child with you, this is a must see.

We've also spent time at

We love the NWR system and so do the granddaughters.

We did not see a great variety of wildlife outside, but the inside displays were  informational.  Perhaps we just hit a time when most of the birds, duck, geese, etc were on vacation too.

Our fifth wheel is going back to the manufacturer in Indiana in November.  It must be emptied of all personal items.  In this Alabama heat and humidity it took us several days.  After emptying everything  I came up with the idea to take the girls to one of our favorite Thousand Trails parks ... Hidden Cove for 5 days.  This campground is about 22 miles from the house.  SOOOO....... let's see. What do we need to put back in the trailer.  Lots.  We are now at Hidden Cove until Friday.  Oh yea, we are doing without some things that I forgot.  But that's okay.

The girls are enjoying the pool here and improving their swimming skills.

And even tried some fishing.  No luck.

Some will remember that not long after we moved here, our good neighbor bush hogged the area that was once a pond and we plan to return it to that state.  He also used his bob cat to remove trees in the back and both sides of the property.   Thick growth had returned in the future pond and the areas behind and on the sides had also grown too thick to mow even with our John Deere Zero Turn.  This is due to us being gone 6 weeks and heavy rains most days.

Today we drove over to check on the house.   We will Celebrate.  Our neighbor had bush hogged the pond area along with the new growth behind and on each side of the house.   Gotta love someone who would take his time to surprise us like this.

Until next time....