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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Starting, ending and somewhere in-between

Cullman, AL

When we started living and traveling full-time in an RV it was a new, exciting way of life.  We loved it.  We didn't much discuss how long we would live that lifestyle.   Part of the fun was planning our next destination.  Sometimes it was dictated by family emergencies (Illness, death) , sometimes by commitments (NOMADS) and sometimes just because we wanted to experience a new, different area.

We met so many people along our journey.  Some had been full-timing for years, others just starting and others RVing on a part-time basis.


In December after seven plus years on the road, we both decided it was the time to settle, buy a house and RV part time.   As a blogger, I follow many other blogs of people living the same lifestyle as we were.   Some are coming off the road completely, some settling down and will RV part time and some friends are just getting started.

One couple Jessica and Harry ( www.rikerrvdays.blogspot.com ) recently bought a house in Florida.  They started full timing not long after we  did.  They will now part time.  They are happy with their decision.

We spent time with Jessica and Harry a few years back when we were in the Albany, NY area.  RVing has been great for both of them.  You should see Jessica now.  She looks 20 years younger.  They run marathons.  Nice people!

When I started reading RV blogs, I came across one written by a woman known as Froggi.  Since that time, she has married Stu, lived in Ecuador for a few years, written and published novels and traveled the country in their RV.   Of note.... about the same time we bought a house in Alabama, Donna and Stu bought a house in Tennessee.  They will still travel part time in their RV.  They also love to cruise.   ( www.ourprimeyears.blogspot.com )

Then there is Nick and Terry Russell.  ( www.gypsyjournalrv.com )  Most full time RVers know this couple or have heard of them.   After 17 years they just got off the road late last year, also buying a home in Florida.  They are selling their motorhome with the intention of getting something small for part time travel.  Nick and Terry publish the Gypsy Journal and Nick is a prolific writer.... read his books....you will enjoy them.  Years ago we attended one of their rallies in Yuma, AZ.  What a hoot.

That's Nick on the left, Em-ceeing the "Miss Yuma" competition.

Paul and Marsha  (  www.wheresweaver.blogspot.com )

We caught up with this couple in South Dakota.  They were fulltimers at that time.  Since then they bought a house in Ohio and RV part time.  Always spending summer months traveling and back home where Marsha keeps Paul busy with house projects.


While we were in South Dakota a reader of my blog notified me that another blog writer was at the same park.  But when I got the notice we had left that campground to stay at another one about 20 miles away.  What's a 20 mile drive to meet a fellow blogger.  Back we drove.  What do  ya know, we had been parked right next to Jim and Dee of ( www.tumbleweed-jimdee.blogspot.com )    I was sure I took a picture of Dee and Jim, at least I thought I did.  If so, can't locate it in my pic files.  Regardless, Jim and Dee bought a house in Florida a couple of years ago and sold their fifthwheel.  We hope they stop to see us when traveling between Florida and Illinois where family live.

Then there is Angela and Kenny.  They are from the Kansas City area.  They recently bought a house in Arizona and came off the road.  That is Kenny and Angela in the very middle to this picture.  It was taken at a Escapees Rally in Missouri a few years back.

I had been, and still, follow the blog of Betty.   ( www.lifeisguid2013.blogspot.com)  She and her Scottish hubby Dave started full timing about the same time we did.

We spent some time with them when they were working security at a closed mill in New Jersey.  They recently decided to go off the road.  They sold their 2010 Montana fiver and moved to Minnesota.  Betty says she so much loves the cooler weather more then that of Texas where she was raised.

A bit different:

And one blogger is Gerri and her hubby.  ( freedom2roll.blogspot.com )  They were fulltimers.  Bought a house in Georgia.  Missed the full time life, sold the house and again are full timers.

So...........   here are a few previous fulltimers who have decided to pack in it.  Also some fulltimers who now have a home and will RV part time.  


Around the time we started full timing we went to an RV show in Atlantic City,  Friends Helena and Adam attended with us.  Now about 7 years later they have bought a motorhome with the plan to start the fulltime life.  Meet Helena and Adam

Two years ago we were in a campground in Jonestown, PA.  One never knows who reads the blog.  I got a message from Darlene who read the blog and lived near the campground.  We have since stayed in contact with Darlene and Jim.

In fact, we were just at their house in PA a little over two weeks ago.  They had just that afternoon listed their house for sale.  It sold 5 days later.  They are preparing for their full time lifestyle.

Life ebb and flows.  We wish all who have settled into a more stationary life many happy memories of their time on the road.  We wish all who have moved into a stix and brix  but plan to continue some travel time, peace in their homes and safe and happy travels when on the road.  And we wish those just starting this most rewarding lifestyle happy trails, good times and great memories.

Until next time.


  1. WOW...you two have done an excellent job of keeping track of all your fellow RVers. Thanks for the shout out. We really enjoyed our time at Mt. Rushmore with your two...short as it may have been.
    I know I said it before but needs to be repeated...we just love your new home. I would spend every minute I could on that porch.

  2. I remember the very first time we met you guys, driving down to meet you at the state park in PA. You gave us so much information as we were beginning the research phase. Now we'll be beginning our 6th year of full timing soon!

  3. That was a good time with Sam and Donna and of course Riggs. I have pictures of Len and Angela dancing..

  4. Ahhh life does keep rolling on...never regret a moment, enjoy every one!

  5. And we are switching gears as well. Rather than workamping for 6 months at a time, in RV parks, we are headed back to our starting point-Corpus Christi, TX to launch Dr. Phyxit Home Repair. When we made that decision about a month ago, we had now idea God would provide us with unlimited business opportunity by way of Hurricane Henry. We will continue living in our RV and hopefully mix handyman work with some travel.

  6. What a good time of reflection of the many people you have met. One thing for sure, you really meet some wonderful people through the rv lifestyle. Thanks for sharing about your friends and including us.

  7. You have made some wonderful memories and friends along the way. But you new home is lovely and the grounds are beautiful. More memories to be made there now

  8. Awww, thanks Phyllis for the nice words. :)

    Love this post. Reminds me of the quote from Ecclesiastes..."To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven."

  9. This is a wonderful blog post. I remember the time with you and if we can we'll meet up in the midwest. We would to see you again. I've been following the Rvers you've mentioned. Stay safe, see you soon. (our picture is on right side of blog).

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  11. Awww, thanks for the mention, Phyllis! That was a crazy but wonderful visit in NJ. We have memories and stories of our RV adventures, but are totally content here in MN now. Just about every day we say how grateful we are that things worked out that this was possible. I still laugh at the fact that I'm living in a 55+ community! Ha! I'm so happy for you guys, too! And I'm grateful for RV'ing bringing us together as friends. Hugs to ya'll!