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WHEE...... Home in Alabama!

Monday, May 25, 2015

E L V I S !

Tupelo, MS

Last Friday we  arrived at

This park is a great little find.  Maybe 20 RV/Tent sites?   Full hook ups, large sites with a grill and table.  Some have fire pits.   Also a great price, with our Senior discount only $14.75 a night.  Our site:

When one is in Tupelo, MS, one HAS to visit the birthplace of Elvis Presley.   Shortly before his birth his father build this two room 400 square foot house.

The house had no electric nor plumbing.  This is the kitchen with original stove.

Only bedroom and where Elvis was born.

Vernon Presley borrowed $180.00 for materials to build this house.  Work was scarce.  When Elvis was 13 they lost the house for non-payment.  At that time they moved to Memphis.

Presley family attended the local Assembly of God Church.  It had fallen into disrepair.  Several years ago they moved it to its current location near the house.

When Elvis was 22 and had already started his fame, he came back to Tupelo and saw a sale sign on the house and property.  He bought the house and 15 surrounding acres and requested it be used as a park for local children.  The east side of Tupelo was poor and there were no playgrounds.  The children were not welcome in the nicer parts of town.

There is a gift shop on the property and a chapel.  Cost for seniors to tour the house and church is $13.00 each.   It is worthwhile seeing a films telling the story of his early years.

As I often do, I hung out my hummingbird feeder.  Each day more arrive.   This picture is from the first day here.  Now I often see as many as 9 flitting around.

Yesterday Leonard grilled chicken and boudin.  Enough leftovers for today. 

We had torrential downpours all night and most of the morning.  Feeling bad for all the weekenders who have to hook up in this rain.   We leave tomorrow for the 120 mile drive to Cullman, Al.

This afternoon, we will be getting caught up with laundry.  Glad the campground offers one on site.


  1. Great place to visit and nice big camp site. Great capture on the hummers

  2. Hopefully your family in the Houston area are ok. Amazing pictures this morning of the area.