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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Having fun and learning History

Gettysburg Farm TT Campground
Dover, PA

This past weekend it was "Tractor Time" at

Lots of stuff going on.   Games, food and The Tractor Parade around the campground.

From big tractors

To not so big

I especially liked this set-up

On Monday we took the girls to Gettysburg Battlefield.   Charlotte, going into 5th grade, knew what it was all about and was so happy to go.   Abby, going into 2nd, was semi-interested but did enjoy the trip.

First we stopped at

Disappointed.     Years past I remember touring the museum for free.  It is now $12.50 a person.  When did that change or do I remember wrong?

Getting acquainted with Mr. L.

A few years ago we bought the Auto Tour CD.  We used it again on Monday.   The auto tour takes over 2 hours.  At no time were the girls bored.   Mid way though we stopped for lunch.

Both girls wanted to climb the towers.  Wish we could have gone up with them but with Len's knee replacement and my lack of stamina we just couldn't do the 100 steps on this one.  We would not permit them to climb up alone.  The 3 of them did climb a couple of flights.

There are 1,320 monuments or markers, 410 cannons, 148 historic buildings and 41 miles of road in the battlefields.    A favorite monument:  Robert E Lee and his house Traveler.

My personal favorite building.  A barn with evidence of a cannon attack.

One morning at the campground it was goat feeding time.

If they even suspect you might have food on you:

On this particular morning we all had on clean clothes.  The goats must have been in the same pen as the pigs. EEW!  We all were attacked.   So back to the rig to change clothes and loving the on-board washer/dryer combo.

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  1. Gettysburg is one of my favorite places to visit. Haven't been there in years. Have to make it an RV destination someday.

  2. Looks like fun! Touring Gettysburg battlefield was a very sobering experience for me, probably because I have been a student of the American Civil War.

  3. Full week. I went to Gettysburg as a child and they sure didn't have all those statues or a museum. Sure has changed a lot.