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WHEE...... Home in Alabama!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Why it's time

Lumberton, TX

Way back in 2005 or so I toyed with the idea of full time RVing once Leonard and I retired.  The more I investigated that option the more I liked the idea.  After much discussion we decided it would be a good way to spend some of our retirement.

After various issues, including some health concerns, we finally hit the road in February 2010.  The house was sold, most of our belongings were sold, discarded or given away.  Those items we wanted to keep we stowed in a new utility trailer we purchased and parked at accommodating relatives.

Over these last 7 years we have seen a great part of the country including some of Alaska.  We've connected with some fine people over all these miles.   And at least 3 times each year we volunteered for 3 week projects with NOMADS, a mission of the Methodist Church.   Two years we worked for a few months as gate guards in the Texas oil fields.

Most of the time we were happy to keep traveling.  But we've had challenges.  Health wise, Len now has deep vein thrombosis and has to be on blood thinners.  He has had a knee replacement and back surgery.  I had a stroke.  We've had many breakdowns and mishaps causing damage to both truck and fifth wheel.  We've survived all of this.

But recently I have felt the need for "roots".   I have felt homeless.  My family is now dispersed.  My brother and sister still live in New Jersey in the town where I grew up, my sister in the house of my youth.  My one daughter had moved to Maryland about 10 years ago.  My other daughter, who bought the house Len and I owned in NJ, moved to Pennsylvania two years ago.   So where is home? We love the people at the church we attended when we lived to NJ, but we seldom are in the area. We felt this church was our home church.  It feels less so now.  I do miss those people.

I find I no longer enjoy the moving around every few weeks or even more often.  I dread the setting up and tearing down.  I especially dread the roadway travel.  I have a fear when we are on the highway. Perhaps it is because of the mishaps we've had.

I don't sleep well at night.  Five hours is a good night.  And it is never in one stretch.  A few hours and then awake.  Maybe a few more hours later.  It is after 2 am and here I am, unable to sleep.

So, a few months ago we started talking of buying a house.  Just talk.  But I found myself checking out Realtor.com.    Hence, two weeks ago the house we are buying appeared and everything fell into place.    Will I like Alabama?  I don't know but I am willing to give it a try.  Where do I want to settle?  I don't know but Alabama is as good as anywhere.

We left Alabama three days ago headed to Texas for 10 days then on to Louisiana until time to head back to Alabama after the first of the year to close on the house.  We stopped at a truck stop in Louisiana for the night about half way between Alabama and Texas.   Len noticed something looked wrong.  A hanger for the axle springs was broken and tires were damaged.  He and the man from roadside service did a temp job to get us to where we are now in Texas.  Our home is at the RV dealer where is was purchased, getting repaired.  No idea how long this will take. This is our 2nd night at a motel.  Insurance pays $250 a day for meals and lodging, but only for 5 days.  Work on the RV is covered under it's original two year warranty.

As much as I loved the travel, the people we met, the sights we've seen, I won't miss the crowded roads, the fear of another breakdown, not having "roots".   Yes, it's time.

We will keep our beautiful Open Range RV.  We will take weeks or even months at a time to travel. We don't want to give that up completely.   In the meantime, we are enjoying the anticipation of what lays ahead at our new home.  And maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to sleep again.


  1. We contemplated the idea of settling but we cannot agree on the place. And we still have not traveled through the central plains nor the west coast. We've not had any major health complications so we continue to live in our tiny house on wheels. We love the people we've met on the road. We stay long enough in one spot to find a local church home. While we miss our kids and grands, we are not ready to pull the plug just yet.
    Best wishes to you and Leonard. Maybe we will get a chance to visit you guys again after you get settled.

  2. You're in the exact place we were last year. The breakdowns were a big concern, health a bigger concern. You really do know when is time. I'm glad you're still going to travel a bit. Good luck.

  3. I can't say I blame you for slowing down a bit, what with the issues in the last few years. George thinks about it as well, he gets so stressed on moving days. You certainly have God looking out for you!

  4. We did the same we bought a home in Cottonwood, AZ 20 miles south of Sedona and we love it here. Good luck to you guys

  5. I love that porch!
    Good luck with your new home. Keep in touch. Merry Christmas.

  6. It is so true that you know when it is time to find a home base. And you aren't giving up traveling all together. And yes I love the porch too and the one on the back of the house as well. Good luck on your next adventure of life.