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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sweet home......

Cullman, Alabama

We left Branson on Saturday, July 8.   Our intent was to stay there until July 10 but we did all we wanted to do and all us of were anxious to get to Alabama.   We left around 8 am with the intention of taking two days to get to Cullman.   However, we were past Memphis between 2 and 3 pm.  As there was less than 200 miles to home, why not?   So on we drove.

We arrived in Cullman about 7:30..... still light out.   Oh my, the lawn.   It had been raining almost continuously since we left for this trip two months ago.  Son Lennie and DIL Lois came a couple of times to cut the grass between rain showers.  There are sections of the property that were bush-hogged earlier in the year.  With all the rain, no lawn mower can get through it now.   The weeds and grass in the future pond area is as high as when we moved in.

On Sunday, Lennie and Lois came to the house, with Lennie helping Len by weed whacking.  And we've mowed twice in the week we've been home.  It is getting a third mowing as I write this.

Now we see more of what is growing on the property.

The grand-daughters have had a few day trips with Aunt Lois .... one day to a water park and another day to the library.   It gave these exhausted grandparents a short rest.  Thank you Lois.

Did we rest?   Well not really..  We worked each day removing EVERY THING from our Open Range Fifth wheel.   This rig is 15 months old.  So far two spring hangers have broken, causing damage to tires, a crack formed in the fiberglass under the bedroom slide.  It's been fixed twice.  It's split again.  The batteries to the residential fridge/freezer will not hold a charge.  It's been worked on 3 times, at three different dealers.  The overhead track on the shower door lost the screws, causing the doors to be inoperable, the heater has been worked on twice (we think that issue is solved,,,but do we really know as it's in the 90s out) and now the flooring in the kitchen and into the living area is soft and sinks when walked upon.  The area is getting larger almost daily.  Obviously flooring is rotted.  We've talked to both the local Open Range dealer and the manufacturer Highland Ridge in Indiana.  Arrangements are being made for Highland Ridge to pick it up and take to Indiana for repairs.  Fine.... make the repairs.  We don't want this rig anymore.  Fix it and we will sell it.

The yard is now looking good.   Still there are things that need to get done.  But so peaceful having morning coffee on the front porch and watching the darkness gather at night while listening to the tree frogs and crickets.

Until next time......


  1. So sorry you have had so much problems with the Open Range...it has to be frustrating. Hopefully they will get it all fixed this time! I know you feel good about being home and enjoying the front porch and yes, how great the tree frogs and crickets sound. We just came inside our rv from enjoying a fire..at a distance and listening to the night serenade.
    Take care...

  2. You should be looking for a full refund at this point since the trailer has already cost you out of pocket.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. So many pretty flowers in the yard and what a big yard it is too. Must feel good to be home, you sure had a full summer with the girls. I hope they get everything fixed and you don't come out to short on the sale of that rig. Good luck

  4. Your yard is so beautiful. I'm sure it's nice to be back home and with less stress :)

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  6. Missed this post on Sunday since we had no internet! Glad you're home and that you've made arrangements on that unit - it must be a lemon! I'm thankful we are in Hondo, awaiting the medical tests for David, and hopefully heading to PA if they come out OK! Love the pictures!