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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

You're always welcome here.

Cullman,  AL

As I have often said, we love having guests.    That's why we put in two RV sites. 

It's been a wonnderful few days.  This is Darlene and Jim.

We met this nice couple a few years ago when we were in Pennsylvania to visit daughter Terri and SIL Steve.   We were parked at a nearby campground for a few weeks.   Darlene had been reading this blog and saw we were near where they lived.  She contacted me thru the blog, we arranged to meet and rest is history.   We've gotten together many times since.  Often staying at the same campground... Hershey Preserve Thousand Trails.  And once at Sea Pines near Cape May, NJ

At that time they were planning to go fulltime.  Then the time came.  They sold their older model Cedar Creek and bought this beauty.

Last year they sold their home in Pennsylvania.   As they were still working, they continued to live in the area.  Then the time came and, like many, headed south for the winter mostly in Florida.

They are fortunate that both their employers agreed to employ them on a seasonal basis.  They start back to work on April 9 and will work until November and take off again.  What an arrangement.

Darlene and Jim arrived in Cullman on Saturday and left this morning..... amid a few tears.  We will miss them.

On Sunday we took them to a spot where we take most visitors... Clarkson Covered Bridge.

As they are also Thousand Trails members, we took them on a tour of Hidden Cove TT Park.  This is one of our favorites.  Our first outing in our new trailer will be there next week. 

They took us out for dinner that evening.   There is a BBQ place we like in town.... Jim and Nicks.  While there we learned something new.  As we left the fun waitress asked if she could refill our drinks to go.  Jim teased to change his to a beer.  Sorry.... no alcohol served on Sundays in Cullman.  Now that he talked about having a beer he and Len decided to go into Wal-Mart and get a 6-pack.  Jim picked up what he wanted and they walked to the self check-out aisle.   Sorry... no alcohol sold on Sundays in Cullman either.   Reminds me of when we first moved to Alabama.  Len was getting fuel.  He asked me to go inside and get a lottery ticket.  The clerk just laughed.   Not in Alabama.  Ok then.

Sunday gave us nice weather, not so yesterday.  Cold and windy.  I had physical therapy in the morning and on the way dropped Darlene at Wal-Mart and picked her up on the way back.   We spent some time visiting in the afternoon and then Darlene made a Zucchini pie and salad, Len grilled pork chops and I did the hardest part.... I opened two cans the green beans with potatoes.   Oh, Darlene had bought a cheesecake while at Wal-Mart.

Darlene gave us a beautiful gift.  Her father made the frames and she stitched the designs.  She kept them with her when they moved into their RV.   She wanted them to go to some place special.  This means so much to me.  They were meant to be here.  Our second bathroom:

It is decorated in red, white and blue.  I have two wall hangings (you can see one of them reflected in the mirror.  It is a patriotic angel.  On another wall is a primitive wooden Uncle Sam.   Darlene's gift is perfect.  The wooden frames match the vanity.  The stitching matches the motif.   Perfect!!

So this morning we said our so-longs.   The visit ended all too soon.  We are reasonably sure they will return.    To read their blog, look for Darlene and Jim listed under the blogs we read on the list to the right.  

Safe travels... dear friends.

Until next time.


  1. So nice that you have those two sites for people. They have a beautiful rig!

    1. She reads your blog faithfully and so want to meet you.

  2. Glad you were able to get together with your good friends.
    They are very lucky to have such a work agreement with their former Employers.
    Wishing you as well as your friends Safe Travels and Enjoy the Adventure.

    It's about time.

    1. Darlene reads your blog. Also wants to meet each of you.

  3. That was really sweet of her to give you her treasured pictures. They are so pretty

  4. It is so nice of you guys to open your home to visiting RVers!!! RVers are just the nicest people!!
    So glad you had this time with your friends!!!! What a special gift Darlene gave you. They sure have a beautiful rig!!