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Friday, April 13, 2018

Dang it!

Cullman,  AL

There are so many things we want to do.  One of those has been to restore a pond that used to be on the property.    Another is take down many cedar trees that were planted some time ago.  Another is a clear approximately one acre of overgrown brush and trees at the back of the property.

We met with an excavator.   We agreed to the cost of getting all done.  He was to start work in a few weeks.

Then.... we heard a grinding noise in the truck.   Dang it!  Plans change.  That grinding noise meant a new rear.   $5,000.    Some of the excavating will have to wait.     We decided to still have the pond restored and the cedar trees removed.    The back acre will have to wait.   I am thinking mowing 3 cleared acres now takes me a few hours.  Do I really want to have to mow another acre? 

These cedar trees can be no older than 17 years as the house was built in 2000/2001.  Look at the size.   Can't wait til they are gone!!

Looking from the house toward the shop and road:

Along side of the house:

Blocking the view between house and future pond.  The cedar trees are on the right.  On the left are two beautiful cypress trees just starting to leaf.  They are gorgeous when fully leafed.  We can't see them from house because of the cedars.  The cypress will remain.

Another view of cedars and cypress:

Leonard had taken out one of the cedars but it was quite the challenge.  When they were planted, they were staked with green metal stakes.   Several remain.  Tree roots have wrapped around them and some even have the tree growing around the stake.

There are two cedars that are beautifully shaped and sit off separate.  We are keeping them.  They will look great lit up during the Christmas season.

As I said... Dang it!  The best laid plans............

Until next time.


  1. There always seem to be something to snag a great plan. It's the story of my life.

  2. Sounds like you have great plans for some of your land...restoring the pond will be great. Don't get too much cleared area as that means more to mow.