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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Feeding frenzy

Cullman,   AL

A few months ago a neighbors duck started flying over to spend time in our pond.  I would take duck food out for it and after I left he would waddle over to eat it.  Gradually it got to the point that he would come as soon as he saw me and would let me pet him.  He  would follow me around the yard.

Then we went away for several days.   When we came back I would look for him but I never saw him at our pond.    I asked his owner where was "my" duck.  He assured me the duck was still coming to the pond.   Still I didn't see him.   And I looked.  Often.  I missed him.

On Saturday March 9 we were in town.  Len pulled into Tractor Supply and said we were getting me some ducks.   Okay.   We temporarily  put them in a large Rubbermaid container in my office.   I quickly found that ducks poop a lot.  A LOT. 

People suggested names.   None fit.   I named them Poopsie, Stinky and Craps.  That fits.

Len got busy in his shop building an enclosure for them that we planned on putting in an open shed in our side yard.    Just long enough that they would be safe until they were bigger and got used to the area.   We have many hawks in the area.

So, he was out in the shop building the pen.  My phone rings.  He says come out to the shop.  Genius that he is, he placed a steel four legged short stool on top of a wheeled gardening wagon that he built.   The stool slipped off.  He landed face down on the shop floor.

Bottom line, he has a large tear in his left shoulder.   He will be seeing the orthopedist on Friday regarding surgery.    The pen sits undone.  The ducks are growing and still in the container in my office.   THEY STINK. I clean the container several times a day.   Only so they can stink it up again.

And they are messy.   Being ducks they love water.  As soon as I place their water feeder into the container they not only drink but they splash around.  Within minutes it is empty, their bedding is soaked, and they are screaming for what I suppose is more water.  More water means more fun for them and more cleaning up for me.

Oh, and about the neighbors duck not coming here and being the reason we bought these three joys, he showed up again the very same day we came home with the ducklings.  And he now comes up on the porch the eat.

And  brings along two friends who also are looking for a meal.

 There are others looking on from across the road.    I am now feeding four ducks and two peacocks.   With these I draw the line.

Until next time.


  1. Oh no!!! I hope Len will heal quickly!!!

  2. Hoping Len heals quickly before your extended family makes you go Quackers. LOL.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the pond.

    It's about time.

  3. Oh No Oh Len, sure hope his surgery heals quickly. Maybe you can figure out a way to build a small encloser out there at the shed to get the ducks outside.

  4. Do you guys have a punch card at your doctor's office? For each visit you get a punch and the 10th one free? :) Prayers for Len!

  5. This reminds me of the old saying that no good deed goes unpunished:( Hopefully Len is better soon and the ducks stop stinking:)