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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Bed,Bath and Be Done???

Cullman,  AL

In the two years and nine months since we moved into this house, I continue to think of, and make, changes.   Will it end?  Probably not.   

At the house I owned when I met Leonard we added shelves in the bedrooms, changed out part of the family room to a walk in closet for the master bed room and added a dining room with fireplace.

Then we bought an old farmhouse.   We added a den, 3-season room and deck.  Also a large metal Quonset hut for Len's shop and built a barn with two stalls and tack room.   Plus, added a fireplace, ripped up carpets and had 150 year old hard wood floors refinished.   We ripped out one bathroom and installed a new shower and flooring.  New roof shingles, new siding and all new windows. Etc etc etc. more projects than I can remember.

We've done a lot here.  The latest:

The previous owner had dogs and cats that lived in the house.  The house was clean and those animals left no odors.  Thankfully!   But the master bedroom carpet had many large stains.  I've scrubbed them, sprayed them, vacuumed them, and scrubbed them some more.  Still stains.  The master bathroom vanity top was laminate as were the other bathroom and the kitchen counters.  The other bathroom sink and vanity top we changed out last year.  Someday the kitchen counters!

I wanted new bedroom carpet and new vanity top and sink.   The previous sink never held water.  Neither did the one in the other bathroom.  They were the same style.  We tried everything.  No deal. Solution?   Replace.

Here are pics of the last two weeks of projects.

 Master Bath 

Vanity prior to this weeks renovation.

How it looked when we first toured the house.  Did not like the sticky tiles.

 After removing the mirror I started removing the tiles. And did they stick.  Layers of paint along with paper from the wall board came off. 

I roughed up the wall with spackling and painted.  Len made a new frame for the mirror. (Thanks daughter Terri for the suggestion.)   It looks better with the nice cultured marble sink and vanity top.   The green accent wall ties in with the new carpet in the bedroom.  (Another suggestion from Terri.)

Master Bedroom

The bedroom how it looked when we toured the house.

Len painted the room prior to us moving in our furniture.   Had to get rid of the blue.  This is how it looked until last week.

And now.

More projects in the future?   Of course.   Back porch needs painting.  We can't do it.  Len can not lift his arms.   I don't want to!   Need to find a painter.

 We also are leaving our large garden return to lawn.  Too much for us to do any more.   We are in the process of removing some holly hedges and stone from near the back of the house.  The  stone is filling holes under the carport.  Replacing the stones with top soil.   We will  have a much smaller garden next Spring.  Just a few tomato plants, etc. 

Until next time.


  1. Your improvements are really nice. Love the counter top and sink. It never ends does it. I still need to replace the throne in the guest bathroom and the light fixture plus a new coat of pain is much needed.

  2. Nice renovations so far.
    Hoping Len is back to his former self soon.
    Something we all need to do is make things easier to take care of as we age.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the cooler temperatures.

    It's about time.

  3. You both do nice work! Looking good :)