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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

My silly list

 Cullman,   AL

To get my mind off all that is going on around us, I came up with a list of celebrities I have seen in person.   Ok...... silly.   But it gave me a few moments of stretching to my mind to remember.  And not thinking of more serious stuff.

Here is my list,  or as many as I can remember.   Do you have a list?

The Statler Brothers

The Oak Ridge Boys

The Gatlin Brothers

George Strait

Alan Jackson

Vince Gill

John Conlee

Don Williams

George Jones

Tammy Wynette

Loretta Lynn

Tom T Hall

Jerry Reed

Doug Kershaw

Crystal Gayle

Merle Haggard

Billy (Crash) Cradock

Betty Ford

Alex Haley   (Author of Roots)

Gavin McDavin   (The Old Man in the movie A Christmas Story)

Fess Parker   (Was BOTH Davy Crocket and Daniel Boone

Chonda Pearce

Brian Kilmeade

Bill Cosby

Scott Adams  (Cartoonist Dilbert)

Robert Reich   (Clintons Sec. of Labor)

Cokie Roberts

Colin Powell

Ben & Jerry   (The Ice Cream guys)

Christopher Reeve  (only months before he passed)

Bob Newhart

Ray Charles

Eddie Rabbit

Arlen Spector  (Senator from PA  and on the Warren Commission)

Joe Kennedy Jr.

Ricky Skaggs

Charlie Pride

Charlie Daniels

Mel Tillis

Ellen Goodman   (Columnist at the Boston Globe)

June Carter Cash

Johnny Cash

John Cash   (Their limited talented kid)

Don Rickles

Bobby Rydell

Joe Diffee

Jeannie Seely

Sally Starr   (had to be from Philadelphia area to know who this was)

Okay....enough of this silliness

Until next time


  1. Wow! Quite a list! I've seen a lot in concert, and a few "in person". My most notable is Clint Eastwood. He lives in the area, and owns a restaurant in Carmel. My girlfriend and I ran into him at a bar. He bought us drinks, and signed my napkin. Those were the days :)

  2. That's an impressive list.

  3. That is an impressive list. You must have started meeting them at a very young age. We lucked out seeing the Oak Ridge Boys at the old Raymond Hall in Nashville, the New Christy Minstrels and the Nelson Brothers in Quartzsite.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.