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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Boondockers and getting ready for Spring

 Cullman,   AL

When we first started hosting Boondockers Welcome we had a run of guests in October and early November.   Then it got slow.   Probably due to folks being where they wanted to be over Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Now we are again getting requests on a regular basis.

As of this date we have hosted 15 times.  We had two other reservations that cancelled due to the bad weather.  We have 7 upcoming reservations on our schedule.

Aside from hosting we are looking forward to Spring.   Leonard decided to build a raised bed for planting vegetables.    We enjoyed having a garden but neither of us are able to get down on the ground unless there will be a crane nearby to stand us up.   As usual, nothing he makes is small.

It's going to take a truck load of dirt to fill it once it is complete.

In the last blog I wrote about putting up duck crossing signs.   I guess someone else had a need for one as it disappeared one night.  

I have ordered a replacement.   However, the new one will be hung on a solid post across the road.  Our neighbor up the street has some of his property fenced in.   Speaking of which, this afternoon we noticed firetrucks and police at his barn and saw smoke rasing.   He stores hay in that barn and it caught fire.   He did not lose the barn but some insulation was destroyed.    

A portion of our driveway was getting muddy when it rained.   

We had stone delivered last week.  Oh it's so much nicer.  Especially since the Boondockers have to back into this area of the driveway and then back into a site.

On a side note:    That long building in the background is where the fire was this morning.

We've had a lot of rain recently.   One nice day last week I was sitting on the porch and I could hear water running in the creek that separates our properrty from the neighbors.   The creek runs along the wood line. 

One day when Len was working in his shop on the raised bed I was walking around the yard.  Our duck named Baby Duck is the big white duck.  He is a Pekin.   He can be a bit mean.  Will put his head down and run behind me like he is charging.  I stop and turn around and he turns around like he never did a thing.   Our young duck Frances (the entire brown one) is the daughter of our Muscovey, Elsie.  The Muscovey has the white head.  

We thought that Baby Duck was Frances' father.   But I checked it out and when a Muscovey and Pekin breed their babies are White with some black feathering.  Then I thought..... we have Mallards visit.  I checked it out and Frances looks like a female mallard.   

To get back to the story I started.   Baby Duck has been mean to Frances.  Will chase her away from food and chases her around the yard with his head down.  Nasty.   Well, I looked out at the pond.  Baby Duck was on top of Frances.  Seeing how he has been mean to her, I thought he was trying to drown her.  I called to Len who was in his shop.    OK..... I'm dumb.    That wasn't it at all.

Elsie started laying eggs again a few weeks ago.  But wasn't brooding.  So we removed the eggs and replaced them with two ceramic eggs so she would continue to lay in the same place.Then last week I realized she was sitting on them for a length of time.  A few days later I checked, the eggs she had been sitting on were destoyed and eaten.  Possum?   Raccoon?  Whatever.   She still must be laying but no idea where.

Biscuit says Hello.   Len and I can't believe how much in love we are with this boy.

Until next time.

Oh..... we just got our 2nd Moderna shot on Monday.  Len was weak and tired yesterday.  Could not do much moving around and slept most of the day.  I've had no reaction.


  1. Stone driveway looks good, Len's raised bed is lookig good and is nice and high can't wait to see what you grow. The ducks are entertainment and biscuit is a sweet heart

  2. Just a thought but maybe Len might lower the raised bed by a Foot or else you'll need a ladder to harvest your garden.
    Have you considered a Horseshoe Driveway to make it easier for the Boondockers.
    Biscuit looks happy to be with you.
    Congratulations on your Vaccines.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. The RV sites are on the left of the driveway as you are viewing it. They are back in sites. The sewer dump is between the sites and the water is to the left of both sites. The 50 amp electric connections are of course at the rear of each site . Lol. I told him I will need a step ladder to reach the middle plantings.

  3. Nice gravel driveway, that will help a lot! Like the raised bed. Ours are ok to harvest, but still have to bend over.