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Monday, April 5, 2021

As Spring moves on.

 Cullman,  AL

Our small garden continues to grow.  We had to cover it one night when temps got down to freezing.  Luckily all is well.

Our RVing guests continue to grow also.   It is seldom that not at least one site is taken.   We currently have one guest who will leave tomorrow.   Then two come in later in the day for only for one night.  On Wednesday our friends Jim and Darlene arrive for a couple of days on their way back to Pennsylvania from their winter in Florida.   

 Being Easter yesterday and our current guest is a retired pastry chef, he presented us with this.

Speaking of Easter, we were invited to  lunch yesterday by son Lennie and his family.   Ham, cheesy potatoes, rolls, green beans and bacon sautéed Brussel sprouts.   I contributed deviled eggs.   Lois always boxes up leftovers.   So no cooking for me today.  This makes 4 days in a row I got out of cooking.  On Friday Leonard made chicken gumbo.   Leftovers on Saturday.  

Our NOMADS friend Jill stopped by in her little Mercedes RV for a few days and left yesterday.  Always a pleasure.

Biscuit gets excited when we have guests pull in.  Especially when he senses they have a dog with them.   Here he is getting acquainted with a 19 year old blind and deaf Chihuahua.   

Finally have our natural gas fireplace in place and working.   The plumber came last Monday and ran the lines.   In addition we have the tankless water heater and a gas heater in the basement.  

I gave up going from furniture store to furniture store looking for a chair I liked.   So, online is was.  I had purchased a bench two years ago from Wayfair.   The bench sits out by the pond.  I was well pleased with it.   Looking online I found a chair in seafoam color also from Wayfair.  I was a bit nervous buying a chair online but they have a good return policy.  It was delivered last week.   Here is the fireplace and the chair.  I like them both.   

Leonard is always cold.    He cranks up that fireplace. He roasts me out of here.   I hate to do it to him but I just might have to hide the remote for the fireplace.   

About Leonard, I need to go get him moving.  I need gas for the lawn mower for the ever growing lawn.   Seems a good day to do it.

Until next time.


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  2. Glad you Enjoyed Easter and are getting your projects finished leaving you more time for the Boondockers.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Nice that your friends are able to stop by and stay a few days, plus having RV's stop also. Love the lamb cake gift.

    Nice to have the fireplace up and running and I love the chair. It has such nice long legs so it should be easy to get up off it. I don't know why furniture companies are putting those short legs on couches and chairs, I had to buy risers for both.

  4. Love the chair! We've ordered things from Wayfair and had good luck. Maybe get Len a heated throw blanket?