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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Finally! Spring!

 Cullman, AL

Yes, it is. Finally Spring,

This  means the mower, weed eater, hedger, tractor get a workout.   And now I have a new toy.

Daughter Terri and SIL Steven gave this handy mini chain saw to us.    WOW!  Easy now to trim those low small branches that get in my way when mowing and allowing me to get the mower in closer to the various bushes and shrubs.

Now the weeds are growing tall around the pond.   There are some that are difficult for me to get to with the weed eater.  Leonard to the rescue with his bushhog.    Makes me a wee bit nervous.  But it gets the job done.

Biscuit was taking a walk around the pond chasing frogs.   Baby Duck and Penelope following behind.  Speaking of behind, right after I took this picture Baby Duck took a peck to Biscuits behind.  He is one nasty duck.

We are quite busy hosting Boondockers Welcome members.   Our 124th RIG left yesterday.  125 comes today.  At this time we have 14 reservations on the book.    A guest mentioned to us that we would be ideal for hosting traveling Nurses and other healthcare professionals.   We could charge from $800. to $1,100. a month.   We looked into it as we were concerned with the liability and tax issues.  Of course we would have to claim the income on taxes.  We talked with our insurance agent from Allstate here in Cullman.   He said he would have to talk to higher ups.   We got a call from Allstate that this would be considered a business and they would not cover it.   Don't want to get into all that stuff so we will maintain what we are doing now.   

Only a few more weeks and that porch will be converted to a enclosed porch.  We are so much looking forward to it.

The blackberry plants we planted last fall are in full bloom.   Yum, blackberries this year.  We've planted tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in our raised bed.   We think we solved the soil issue we had last year.  We also had a small garden tilled and planted watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydews.   Hoping they grow and the deer don't see it.

Happy Spring!   Until next time.



  1. All sounds good on your home front. I bet that porch will be a delight and allow you to sit out evenings bug free.

  2. Making a Business out of what you are doing would mean many more upgrades and regulations you would have to follow.
    Biscuit could have been too close to a nest.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Porch.

    It's about time.