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Saturday, October 29, 2022

October Family times

 Cullman,  AL

We have been extremely busy with Boondockers Welcome guests in October and November looks to be another busy month.    And during this time we have been blessed with family too.

Earlier this month we celebrated son Lennies birthday.   From the left here is daughter in law Lois, granddaughter Maddie, great grandson Jordan, Lennie and of course Leonard.

Happy Times.   Each year Lennie fries plenty of Shrimp.  Each year we get treated with some to bring home.

Our Grandson Justin and girlfriend Karlie are moving from Illinois to Florida where she has accepted a job promotion.   They spent a few days visiting us here at the approximate midway point.

One day they toured the Space Center up in Huntsville.   Then the next day we took them to the always fun Rattlesnake Saloon.    For those that have not been there, it is built into a cave.   You leave your car in the parking lot and then transported down in the back of a pickup truck.   When we arrived, we were informed by the driver (who remembered Len from when we were there in July) that the power was out.  He offered to drive us down to look around.

We were down there about a half hour.   We loaded into the truck for the ride up and the power was restored.    We got off immediately. 

It was a bit chilly so we opted to eat inside the saloon instead of under the cave.

After lunch we took Karlie and Justin to the nearby Coon Dog Cemetary.   I have noted this attraction in past blogs.  

All too soon it was time for them to leave.   We wish them luck and love.

We are greatly enjoying our enclosed porch on suitable days.  No more than this fellow.

Until next time.

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  1. Yes you sure have been busy. Len, is looking quite well these days, happy to see that after all his medical troubles.