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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

One of our favorite rides....

Vinton,  LA

We arrived in Louisiana 5 days ago, getting set up at Texas Pelican RV Park.    This park is a absolutely no frills campground.    We attempted nicer parks but with lots of expansion of refineries in Sulphur and Lake Charles, they are mostly full.

We've stayed at Texas Pelican before for short visits to Leonard's family and friends.   This time we will be here 28 days.   At a cost of $250.00 it's not all that bad.   Only amenity is a laundromat, albeit that 1/2 machines are out of order.   There are 4 working washers and 2 dryers.   But at a cost of only $1.25 to wash and $.75 to dry I won't complain.

On Saturday we visited with Len's brother Royce and sister-in-law Susie.   Sunday we attended church in Vinton.   This church feels like our (2nd) home church.   Monday we did a little shopping.  Tuesday we visited with some grandchildren.   So today we decided to play tourist.

We headed out to drive LA Rt 27 to:

The nature trail loops from Sulphur south through the towns of Hackberry, Holly Beach, Cameron, Creole and on back to Lake Charles.    Driving the loop takes us to Sabine National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) and  Cameron Prairie NWR.

The town of Holly Beach sits right on the  Gulf of Mexico.   In 2005 Holly Beach was completely wiped out by Hurricane Rita.  Not a building was left standing. Rita was the 4th most intense Atlantic hurricane and the most intense tropical cyclone ever observed in the Gulf of Mexico.     We drove to Holly Beach about 6 months after the storm.  There was NOTHING.  Today is it rebuilt with  some beautiful homes mostly on stilts.

Vehicles are allowed on the beach, just not real close to the water.

Leaving Holly Beach it was getting close to noon and we were hungry.  We stopped at a very small eatery where we split an order of fries and I ordered an Oyster Po Boy, Len had a shrimp Po Boy.  And Boy were they good.

A few miles later we reached a really favorite place.

This 3 mile one-way loop takes you out on the marshes to view it's abundant wildlife.  Since the last time we've driven the loop, a concrete and wooden walkway has been added.

And wildlife we did see

Not sure what these are:

Thousands of Snow Geese


Thinking this is a Pintail:

Louisiana Heron:

Great Egret

Glossy Ibis

Roseate Spoonbill

And lots of these critters:

 And as Judy would say

The end:


  1. Gosh, we drive that way all the time. I didn't even know there was a refuge there. Putting this on my list of an easy place to stop for a short period. It looks lovely.

  2. Okay, here's your bird lesson for the day. ;) The first photo is of greater white-fronted geese. Your 'pintail' is really a northern shoveler. The Louisiana heron is a great blue heron, and the glossy ibis is a white-faced ibis. Great 'the end' photo! :)

    1. I can chuck the Petersons bird book as I much prefer "Ask Judy". As sometimes I have difficulty matching what I see to a picture in a book.

  3. Nice day for a visit to the wet lands? lots of nice birds and now that Judy cleared it up for all of us we are smarter today. :)

  4. I remember you going to that refuge before. How cool to see all different kinds of birds, and critters :)

  5. You got a good rate, warm weather and now you just have to stay away from the crocs. Enjoy!