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WHEE...... Home in Alabama!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Over the river and through the woods.....

Cullman, AL

Yes, we are currently in Alabama.   But last week we were still in Pennsylvania.  

Our Thanksgiving was spent at daughter Terri and her husband Steve's new house.   Their home is definitely in Amish country.

Through the woods included passing by the golf course a few miles from her home.  Don't you love the stone fence?

Then across the river.   Her house was once a grist mill built in 1832.   A steam runs under part of it.  Although it sits right an the road, the 3 foot stone wall keeps out the road sound.  Cars travel by but very slowly -  over the bridge and then a sharp turn uphill.

The stream cuts the almost 2 acre property in half.  A project will be to build a bridge over it.

Table set and ready.  Notice the 3 foot deep window sills.

A crackling fire with our glasses of wine:

Last minute preparations:

Their "English Country" room:

On Sunday we went back and attended services with Terri and Steve at the local United Methodist church.  Thinking there is LOTS of gray stone in the area.

 After church we drove to Maryland to get hugs from the granddaughters Charlotte and Abby before we left the area Monday morning.

On the way we met up with Facebook friend and blog reader Dathan Booth, a gentleman working in the PA/MD area and living in his RV.  He treated us to lunch at our favorite diner when visiting this area.  Having never met in person before, it did not stop us from enjoying the two hour lunch and acting like old friends!

Charlotte and Abby with me:

Today we are enjoying the mild weather here in Alabama.   Hoping it continues.


  1. What a gorgeous setting for their home. The inside is just as lovely!
    Cute photo of you and the girls!

  2. How did you get from PA to Alabama so quickly? No tickets, I hope. Safe travels.

  3. I'd be happy to get away from that snow!

  4. what a gorgeous home. I love the country up there. It reminds me of Morris County and all the surrounding areas. Lots of stone walls and stone homes and the snow makes it so pretty.
    But I bet your happy to be warmer

  5. Such a cool house. Should be on a postcard! Glad you and Len are doing better enough to hit the road.

  6. I've been reading your blog via Feedly so I had not noticed your banner photo of Leonard walking through the covered bridge.That is s cool photo.
    I'm sure you are glad to be in a warmer climate.