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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November in review - so far...

Ronks, PA

Our last month in the northeast for a while has been a myriad of experiences.

Early in the month was a birthday.  Not saying which one but will give a hint.  Somewhere between 70 and 72.   Cake was baked by daughter Amy, decorated by granddaughters Charlotte and Abby

Lots of time spent in the move of other the daughter from Bridgeton, NJ and Lebanon, Pa.     My grandmother had collected rocks while traveling the country in the 50's and 60's.   When my former husband and I bought a house we moved those rocks to that property.   In the 80's he sold that house, leaving the rocks behind.    One mothers day in early 90's my daughters arranged with the new owner to get those rocks.   Where Terri has moved to in Pa, it is chock full of rocks, with two streams running through the property.    She had no need for more rocks.  Amy wanted to rocks.  So we loaded them up along with a picnic table Len made and transported them to MD.

Her husband was expecting small rocks.  Surprise!  

Back in NJ, one day we were about 1 mile from the house when I saw something black run across the road.  A semi truck driver stopped, jumped out and started chasing it around a field.  Len, being Len, pulled over and joined in the chase.  

I saw what were chasing.  A PIG!   A POT BELLIED BIG with a tag in one ear.   A short time later an off-duty State Trooper joined them.

That thing was just too quick for a cop, a truck driver and a Cajun.   The trooper said there have been several spotted in this area.   Who knew!

Some years ago Len and I were involved in World Wide Marriage Encounter.   We received a call from old friends that a ME weekend was being held in Easton, MD.  They asked if we would be a prayer couple.    A prayer couple writes to a participating couple and prays for them during the weekend.  Sure, would love to.    So we drove down to Easton for their closing program.   Later we joined these dear people most of whom we have not seen for years.

Bret and Carole Burge, Diana and Mike Stinson, 
Barb and Tom Austin and Georgeanne and Clay Holland

Terri and hubby Steve were living near her new job.   We stayed in her house until Nov 15, a total of about 5 weeks.   During this time we invited for dinner:

My cousin Mae's son John, my sister Debbie, my sister-in-law Nora and my brother Norman:

My cousin Mae and John's wife Cindy:

On November 15 we hooked up the fifth wheel and drove the two hours to:

Florys is a small family run campground.  Nice people.  It is located near Lancaster, PA.

We were lucky that Charlotte and Abby were off the entire week of Thanksgiving.  They stayed with us from Saturday and Tuesday.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  We will be having dinner at Terri and Steve's new house.  Saturday there is dinner here at the campground.   Sunday we visit Amy and family.  Monday we hook up and head south.   Oh yea, south....    It is snowing here today.

Wishing all readers a Blessed Thanksgiving.


  1. I don't think I'd chase a pot bellied pig around. What would you do if you somehow caught it? :)

  2. Man have you two been very busy. I am so glad to hear you are both getting around and enjoying the family and friends.

    Safe travels on Monday. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. You have been getting around and busy. Good to hear you are both doing so well again.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. Whew! You'd never know some months ago how things were going for you. Prayers worked!

  5. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.