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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Doing the usual stuff

Mercedes, TX

We made it to Mercedes last Saturday.    The ride from Louisiana was not terribly eventful.   Since the distance is close to 500 miles, we over-nighted near Odem, TX at Camp Walmart continuing on the next morning.    We did see two accidents on Rt 59 out of Houston.  

This one had traffic backed up for miles.

Sunday was church and lunch at Lubys.

Monday was working around the church due to very cool weather outside.

Tuesday was mild in the afternoon.  Outside work it was.

Wednesday the men started enclosing a room at the nearby La Mesa church

Thursday was same old, same old except the group went to dinner at a fabulous Italian restaurant.

Friday off work.   We grocery shopped and then it was game night

Now it is Saturday.  It poured all night and continues on today.  Thinking we will not even stick ours heads outside the rig.


  1. We had Wednesday like your day today. Best to just stay in and stay warm.

  2. Houston is a bear to get through without traffic problems:(

  3. Seems like all we have had lately is cold and rain!!! Hope the weather gets back to normal real soon. Stay warm and dry!!

  4. Boy, we come to TX for warm dry weather and what do we get...bone chilling cold and rain - neither of which is good for the arthritis...or any other ailments!

  5. I can tell you it's nice here in California. Could be a bit warmer, but at least it's sunny. High 60's. Keep up the good work!

  6. TX sure has had a tough winter. Try to stay dry and warm.

  7. Al Gore's global warming at work