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Friday, January 23, 2015

Half way mark

Mercedes, TX

We are half way through our time of volunteering here in the Rio Grande Valley.   This is our third year volunteering with NOMADS in this area.  

We've always looked forward to the warmer weather down here.  SURPRISE!  Not so this year. There have been a few mild days here and there, but on the whole either rainy or very chilly.  Some days down right cold.   Yesterday we felt the winds change and the temps drop again.   Today is very windy and low 40's.   I know, I should not complain considering that our northeast families are in midst of another snow storm.  But gosh.

As usual a lot of our work is spent working in the community.   Being only 4 miles from the border it is one of the poorest county's in the country.   I was surprised to learn that Mercedes population is 94% Hispanic and 6% Caucasian.

The team:

We worked on the La Mesa United Methodist church.   This is a growing Hispanic church.  Last summer they served over 2,000 meals to the community.  Between the sanctuary and the kitchen was a wide walkway.  We closed it in to make a much needed nursery.

We have started work on improvements to a house.  This house is built from particle board.  Outside walls, interior walls, floors.  Rain is causing most of it to disintegrate.

The electrical system was dangerous.   Uncapped wires hanging everywhere.   Len restrung wiring and installed electrical boxes where there were none.   The team is shoring up the house where possible.  This one is a real challenge, only so much can be done.

We re-connected with our friend Nohemi and her beautiful kids.  One night we took them to dinner, another night she invited the group to her home for dinner.

Last weekend we were invited to dinner with fellow blogger Carol Kerr.  She and her fiance, Jeff, have settled in Mission, TX where they had built a beautiful house.  I am happy to report Carol and Jeff are getting married next month and Carol is doing well after several heath issues last year.  We are thrilled for her.

I still tire easily but our team leader these last three weeks allowed me to take it easy giving me simple tasks.  I can only hope our team leader the next three weeks is just as easy on me.  Leonard can be a real bear for me to work for.

Speaking of Leonard.  He is having his own medical issues now.  His right knee has had three surgeries on it for torn meniscus.  For a week now he is having pain in it when he sits for a spell and then stands.   Looks like we need to find an orthopedist.   Why didn't someone tell us there would aches and pains when reaching our 60's or 70's.


  1. Oh the joy of growing older. Prayers for both of you as you ache :)

  2. Busy, busy as always. The weather there sounds just like ours.

    I just have to repeat what I keep hearing That Old Age Is Not For Sissies :(

  3. Brrr, Phyllis! I know what you mean as our winter last year in Texas was just like that. Cold, rain, damp, fog all of January and most of February. It soured us a little bit on wintering in Texas although people there said it was unusually cold. We have been in Florida this winter and so far it has been beautiful.

    Sorry to hear that Len is having problems with his knee. Hopefully you can find a doctor and Len can get in to see him soon.

  4. I can't image living in a particle board house. How many things we take for grant. I am sure any improvements your group makes will be a blessing.

    Glad you leader is so understanding. Sounds like you are in for one mean taskmaster...lol

  5. There are many good ortho specialists in San Antonio...come stay here and recuperate, and I'll drive ya back and forth when necessary!