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Monday, March 21, 2016

Our New Home

Thousand Trails Lake Conroe
Willis, TX

Today we moved from Rainbows End in Livingston to this nice park in Willis, Tx.  Distance between the two is about 56 miles.  However, we took a detour 45 miles east to sign some papers.  After firming up a deal we drove 94 miles back to Willis.

Yup, we did it AGAIN.   We liked some things about the Cedar Creek but some aspects were a disappointment.   After looking at an Open Range floor plan that works for us, I spent days investigating.   We met Steve and Bevely at Hershey Preserve last summer.  They have an Open Range.   Talking to her she said they love it and no complaints.   Yesterday we knocked on the door of a rig parked in Rainbows End.  The lady came out and told us she absolutely loves their Open Range.

I went to several Internet sites asking folks to give me their thoughts on their Open Range.  Many said they have had minor issues but HIghland/Jayco has handled every one to their satisfaction.   Yes, last year the makers of Open Range, Highland was bought by Jayco.   We know Jayco RV's to be quality.   Unfortunately we have found every brand RV to have issues.  Even the very high end models that one would expect to be problem free.  Doesn't happen.

Another factor we considered is that Open Range comes with a full two year warranty.  Most others, only one year.

So...... today Let's Make a Deal.    We were quite pleased with the trade-in value of our Cedar Creek.   They gave us what we consider a fair price on the Open Range.   We upped our cost somewhat due to our preference:    a cover over the bathroom vent, slide toppers, a suitable rack added to the back bumper and most important different tires.  We do not want any China Bombs.  We prefer Hankook trailer tires.   Both sides agreed, papers signed, should be ready by next weekend.

The bedroom:

His and her closets.   Mine on the left, his on the right.

TV is above the dresser.

The bathroom:

The Kitchen.  Note living area beyond those open doors.

TV is above the fridge directly across from double cushion soda bed.

That center island is on wheels and movable.  They lock into place.

The storage behind TV in kitchen.

The Living Area.    French Doors close it off from the Kitchen area.   Another sleeper sofa.

This TV has immense storage shelves behind it also.

So that's it.   We done did it.  Our new home on wheels.


  1. WOW it is gorgeous..full size dresser. how long is it. I know you had a lot of ups and downs with the cedar creek..hey has long as you can eat and still buy it why not.you're living there might as well have something as nice as you can....just love it.....

  2. Beautiful - you will really enjoy it, I'm sure. I like the two recliners!

  3. Your new home looks lovely! I want that refrigerator!!! Good luck.

  4. Looks fantastic. May you and Len have many years of happy travel in your new home :-) Wonder if Steve & Sandi are looking - lol.

  5. Carol and Jerry are a bad influence on you guys! We looked at Open Range and really like the quality. It looks like it has a lot of room. Congrats!
    John and Phyllis

  6. Excellent choice. Lots of room to spread out and enjoy life.

  7. Congratulations it looks beautiful!

  8. Congratulations it looks beautiful!

  9. WOW! what a beauty, after all you are full time so it should be the best in comfort and room. Congrats!

  10. Wow, it's beautiful!! Congratulations!! Wishing you a stress-free and awesome time with your new rig - three times will be the charm I HOPE!!!!!!!!

  11. Congrats on the new Fiver! Our Montana should be ready tomorrow, hopefully the repairs take this time.